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January 2, 2017

Hello Guardians!

It’s obviously been a very long time since I’ve written anything on the main blog. There’s a couple of reasons for that which I’ll go into shortly. Further, I wanted to set some expectations for the blog going forward. Much of this won’t come as any surprise, and is probably pretty obvious to be honest. Still needs to be said though.

What Happened

The short answer why I haven’t been posting much is that being a GM in Legion takes a fuckton of effort. I’m sure there are ways that I could be delegating more or doing less, but the truth is I invest a lot of myself into the guild, and that doesn’t leave much to go around for the rest of the stuff I’ve historically been doing. In Warlords there was only one thing to worry about, which was raiding. Now we have a lot more.

I’m not trying to give the impression that I dislike the expansion, I actually quite enjoy it. I don’t really have opinions on most of the systems since almost none of the negatives have affected me in any way. I understand that a lot of people don’t like the legendary system, but at least Guardians mostly don’t have the problems of other specializations.

The long answer is, “I’m bored with the questions people are fixated on.” Or more accurately “I don’t really care about stats.” My attitude can be attributed in no small part to Sunnier’s “Stat Apathy”, but to be honest she’s right. Stats on a single item are going to make an almost inconsequential difference to your success. So small that it will – in 99.9% of cases – be overshadowed by individual performance. Stats start to matter when you consider them on a macro level, or which you start counting them in large amounts. But the sad truth is you’re only really going to have one or two options for a slot in a raid instance, so you’ll pick whichever one has either (a) the highest item level or (b) your preferred choie of secondary stats.

The biggest reason I stopped hanging out in the Guardian Discord channel is I was getting to stressed from having to justify my responses to questions about personal preference between two items whose differences are compeltely trivial. I just don’t care enough about the question to devote my cognitive resources to answering it. I like Discord in some ways, but I think it has also fostered a culture of “I’ll just ask instead of thinking for myself” for the most trivial things. That scares me.

So when I become disinterested with a subject, I don’t care about devoting effort to supporting discussion about it. There are others who can and will do that instead, and that’s fine. Power to them.

What’s Next

We’ll start with the things I will no longer be doing:

  • Stat Weights
  • Maintaining SimC
  • Video Guides
  • Written Boss Guides
  • Loot lists

Basically anything that involved day-to-day work or adjustment is thrown out. I don’t have the time or the effort to care about things that are in the end meaningless, done better by other people, or I no longer have the capacity to produce. That means once Khaelyn completes the ToV guides (if she even does, it doesn’t matter at this point) there won’t be any more. I’m fine with that, and it’ll remove a sense of obligation to do things that honestly, other people are doing way better to begin with.

If that’s what I won’t be doing, what will continue to happen?

  • Guardian Guides (here and WoWhead – and I swear if you post something about malware I will punch you)
  • Gameplay Analysis (things like talents, set bonuses, legendaries, cool trinkets, etc.)
  • Patch Updates
  • Podcast

All of these pieces of content are fire-and-forget, with little maintenance required. The podcast especially is where you will find most of the ongoing discussion of week-to-week things since it’s much easier to simply word vomit than type something coherent for people to read.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the forums. Maelfus and I need to sit down and talk about their future and what I want to do with them. I don’t know yet. Maybe they’ll simply be a way to host the guide, or maybe I’ll use them to post TC work when doing gameplay analysis. Either way, I expect something will change.

I also want to remind everyone that I’m not making any commitments about how often I’m going to post or anything like that. When I have something that I think is useful to say and I want to talk about it, I’ll put it up. Otherwise I won’t. I’ve been paralyzed by the sense of obligation that Legion thrust upon me intially, and it’s only really since Blizzcon that I’ve come to understand that it’s not really my problem.

So really, thank you Sunnier for reminding me to do what I want to do first.

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