TDR: Haste vs Mastery

April 29, 2013


One of the things that has intrigued me for some time is the concept of Haste as a TDR stat. Ever since the introduction of the Indomitable Primal Diamond there’s been some interesting questions surrounding the concept of Haste as a TDR Stat. But it hasn’t really been determined exactly how it compares with simply going for Mastery. Well, I have the answer :)

RPPM – A Recap

The legendary meta gems all function on the RPPM – or “Real Procs Per Minute” – system. Hamlet does a much better job describing the math behind RPPM than I ever would. In any case it’s enough to say that anything on the RPPM system is improved by how much Haste Rating you have on your gear. Guardians of course are better off than most because of our passive bonus from Bear Form.

The question then becomes is it more effective to add more Haste to increase the effectiveness of the new meta, or add more Mastery for passive damage reduction? Turns out it’s not quite that simple.

A Tale of Two RPPMs

You might recall that something called “Bad Luck Protection” was added to RPPM trinkets recently. Well as of yet we have no confirmation whether or not this was actually added to the legendary metas or not. However that doesn’t mean we can’t compare the two and see what happens!

The graph plots total damage reduction on the Y axis, and the amount of stats gained on the X Axis.

Before I go any further I should note that these numbers were generated using my own stats. Now you could replicate the calculations for yourself, but the relative results will be identical to what you see above, until Armor is capped. Hopefully now you understand why I made the point about “Bad Luck Protection”. Unsurprisingly – at least to me – Mastery still comes out on top in terms of overall damage reduction.

That doesn’t mean this added side benefit of Haste might not make it substantially more valuable to some. It’s worth noting as well that this doesn’t count T&C, since I can’t really come up with an effective way of modelling that. It pretty much requires a sim, something that I don’t have the expertise to build….unfortunately.

As always, it’ll be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each stat and determine what you want for yourself and your raid.


  • Cakeslayer says:

    So while you’re discussing the meta gems, I just gained access to mine and decided to play with the melee DPS one. From my experience with tanking this tier there is little to no threat of a tank being gibbed if cooldowns and AM are managed well. Even with that being an issue my guild’s historically had its not something that’s come up often. On the other hand, enrages are very relevant and many guilds have successfully made it through Heroic content without tanks using the Indomnitable meta gem.

    Anyway last night after raid I got access to my gem and chose the Capacitive version. I only got to do an LFR, but I was astounded that it was 16% of my damage consistently. I’ll make sure and grab some logs next time I raid, but I think that the Capacitive option is one that may be worth some serious consideration.

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      Yeah, most people will use the DPS meta anyway. I just did this for funsies.

  • Harmonya says:

    I might be mistaken but it look like that the tank meta work when you take damage and not when you give damage.
    I maybe wrong but it look to work like that for the moment.

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      That’s correct, yes. However it doesn’t affect the relative uptime of the meta (that is, the uptime compared to when you are tanking) thanks to RPPM.

  • Vorticose says:

    I’ve stared at the graph for a bit (okay days…) but I don’t understand it :-(

    (Looking at the non-Proc protected lines)
    Is it saying you take .219 out of every point of dmg, and that +5000 more mastery would mean you go down to taking .210 ?
    And that by comparision +5000 haste would be around .217

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      It’s measured in total percentage damage reduction. I realized afterwards that I should’ve labeled the graph (bad me!). But the gist is that the tanking meta does not give you significantly better TDR if you stack Haste. I kinda knew this already but just wanted to show others.

    • Vorticose says:

      So judging from the change in slope, mastery is roughly x3.5 times better from %DR standpoint? Do you have a more precise figure for that.

      I’ve always liked mastery/armor in theory, but I feel there is just too much ignoring armor at the moment for me to want any. I’m not 100% sure but I think the Meta (and therefore Haste-based DR) will apply to some armor-ignoring effects, such as physical DoTs, Talon Rake, and Snapping Bite.

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      Why on earth does everyone think that Talon Rake ignores armor? It doesn’t. I think people really mean Infected Talons (which is actually Nature Damage). Note that this does not include T&C, since that pretty much requires a sim to model correctly. Working on getting SimC up to snuff so I can do things like that.

    • Vorticose says:

      The journal says “Talon Rake – Ji-Kun uses her talons to pierce through the armor of her current target. Talon Rake inflicts 175% weapon damage as Physical damage and increases the damage received by the victim from future Talon Rakes by 50% for 1 min.”
      It sounded a little like it ignored armor, sorry for misleading people :-o !

  • Ot says:

    Since Haste is a pretty good stat for RPS as well, wouldn’t the combination of RPS utility and TDR utility (plus T&C procs) make Haste a super stat for those with the tanking legendary meta?

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      On the whole Haste is obviously a superior stat for a wide range of reasons. I was just comparing its effects on RPPM to a pure TDR stat like Mastery for fun.

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