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Hello Guardians!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. Primarily the only changes we’ve had thus far have been Alpha and/or Beta changes. Since they’ve been heavily subject to iteration and change, I didn’t feel that commenting on them would be particularly helpful. Now that we’re ~6 weeks away from the 6.0 pre-patch launch, it’s time to get a little more serious. You can definitely expect these posts to be regular from now on.

Build 18816

Bear Form Stamina bonus reduced to 20%.
Empowered Bear form reduced to an additional 10% Stamina.
Ursa Major now only lasts 25 seconds.

All three of these changes are a direct result of general tank tuning. Celestalon has made the comment last week on twitter.

All tanks. Current plans: Tweak the design of Resolve. Lower tank health. Lower tank mitigation. Lower boss damage.

It’s pretty clear that only the first objective made it into this build (that we know of). So we’ll have to wait and see for the hidden stuff (Resolve, Boss tuning), and the additional changes to tank mitigation.


Basically the changes are fine and you shouldn’t worry about them. As long as bosses are tuned appropriately, it doesn’t matter what our HP is. I’ve included an updated EH graph below, which shows that the relative EH for different stats hasn’t really changed. Item Level is still going to be the primary driving factor – between Stamina and Armor – followed by Multistrike.


Tooth and Claw now only reduces the damage of the primary victim.

This is just a tooltip correction. In previous incarnations it never included context for Glyph of Maul. So now the tooltip tells you what we already knew it did from day 1.

2t17 now reduces the cost of Maul by 10 Rage while Tooth and Claw is active.

Great change. Instead of offering a refund which could result in wasting Rage accidentally if you Mangle while using Maul and one and/or both Crit, it now just reduces the cost. The net change is 0, but I know it will feel much better to play with.

And that’s it for this build. I think it was done in the middle of the most recent round of tank tuning, so we have some changes out of context. Hopefully the next build will provide us with more information. I know that there are still a lot of “trap talent” problems (mostly thanks to Pulverize), and while there is definitely still time to address them I think we’re running out of runway.

How to Make Crit Cool

I put up a thread on the forums recently intending to prompt discussion on how to make Crit a cool and effective stat in Warlords. Currently it’s at the absolute bottom of the pile – similar to how Ferals feel about Haste – and that isn’t great for the spec. So I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas on how to make it an interesting and effective stat!

The most basic (and easiest) method is to rip-off Riposte. But that’s boring and uninteresting. Do you have any neat ideas? Tell us!

Sneak Peek

I wanted to let you in on posts for a couple of topics that I’ve been thinking about. The first is Mythic: A Conversion Journey (don’t worry I know I suck at titles). Our guild is going through the steps to convert to a Mythic guild from a 10m right now, and having a decent amount of success. I think it would be valuable to share that information with everyone else, since I’m sure there are others that are either going through the same thing, or are about to.

The second topic that I wanted to talk about – and have wanted for a while now – is Guardians: Outstanding Issues. The problem with a post like that is it requires some data in order to be able to do. If I know that data is going to change soon – like we know right now – then continuing to work on it with the current set of conditions is pointless. I definitely need to wait for the Resolve changes to be public before I can start on it, but hopefully at that point we’ll have another tuning pass done. Then I can really start gathering a lot of useful sim data.

That’s all for now!

Hello Guardians!

I have a lot of things to cover, so this one may be longer than normal. Most of it is just general tank stuff, but there are a couple of Guarfdian-specific things I’ll cover as well.

Buraan Joins TiB!

This is by far the most important piece of news I have to announce. After Wens quit because of R/L and my own guild’s inadequacies, there’s been a distinct lack of heroic-level content on TiB. I’ve always maintained that the best theorycrafting is done by 1 part math and 2 parts practical experience. With that in mind, I needed someone to pick up the slack in terms of heroic content.

Who better to have talk about it than (agruably) the #1 Guardian in the world? Yeah, I don’t have an answer to that either.

In any case, it is with great pleasure that I announce Buraan as the new contributing author for TiB. He’ll be covering heroic progression content through SoO and hopefully beyond.

Obviously you should follow him on Twitter and watch his stream as well.


PTR Changes

There are an absolute fuckton of these this time around. I’ll try and make sure I catch them all.

Vengeance now grants Attack Power equal to 1.5% of the damage taken, down from 1.8% (The tooltip said 2% but it was actually 1.8%).
Tanks no longer receive Vengeance from many persistent area damage effects (standing in the fire) or from missed attacks (dodging and parrying an attack will continue to work as it has before).
There are now diminishing returns on Vengeance gains while tanking multiple targets. Each additional target grants progressively less Vengeance.

The first two are pretty obvious. Vengeance was getting out of control compared to tank survival, and standing in fire to increase your Vengeance was a design oversight anyway. It’s the last one that’s rather vague. Thankfully Lore posted some details for us:

The basic, concise explanation is as follows: The Nth strongest (based on pre-mitigation average auto attack DPS) mob that has hit you in the last 5 seconds grants 1/Nth of full vengeance with their attacks. N is recalculated on every hit taken.
So here’s an example. Say you’re tanking 3 mobs – we’ll say it’s a boss and two adds. The boss has pre-mitigation average auto attack DPS of 1500k, one add does 400k, and the other add does 300k. The game will form a list of those mobs from 1-3, like so:
1. Boss: 1500k DPS, 1/1 (100%) of normal vengeance is granted
2. First add: 400k DPS, 1/2 (50%) of normal vengeance is granted
3. Second add: 300k DPS, 1/3 (33.333%, repeating of course) of normal vengeance is granted

This would of course continue as more mobs are being tanked (granting 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, and so on). Also, if the second add were to land a hit at any point when the first add hasn’t attacked you in the last 5sec (such as if it swings first), that attack would grant 1/2 Vengeance instead of 1/3.

So the example Lore gave is totally unrealistic. In order to put it in perspective I came up with something that most Guardians are probably familiar with: Heroic Tortos Bats. Details below (note this for 10m heroic):

A Vampiric Cave Bat on 10m heroic has an autoattack DPS of ~85k (taken from a friend’s log from last week’s kill using approxmiate Mastery values) give or take. Click here for log.

Which means under the current Vengeance scenario we’d cap out at around ~240k (20 * 85000 * 0.018 * 8) after 20 seconds. The bats die long before that happens though.

Under the new scenario we’d end up with: 30 + 15 + 10 + 7.5 + 6 + 5 + 4.28 + 3.75 = 81.53.

Slashlove (one of the Tanking forum regulars) made a quick post positing that using 1/sqrt(n) would be a better idea than simply 1/n while accomplishing the same goal (Source). Let’s look at what happens then:

30 + 21.2 + 17.3 + 15 + 13.4 + 12.2 + 11.3 + 10.6 = 131.

Suddenly much more palatable. Yeah, I like Slash’s better. Another thing to remember is this same logic also applies to Challenge Modes and Proving Grounds, both of which feature a plethora of AoE pulls. So maybe we’ll see a change to this formula, and maybe not. Only time will tell.

So as not to affect Challenge Mode leader boards, the above Vengeance changes will not apply there. For Challenge Modes, Vengeance will continue to work as it did in patch 5.3.

Well apparently time did tell. There you go.

Chance on being hit by a melee attack to gain a 20% reduction to all damage taken for 15 sec. (Approximately 2.57 procs per minute, ICD: 3 sec)

So this is the update to the tanking meta gem that was mentioned last week. The change to all damage reduction by itself is really good, but bumping the RPPM up to 2.57 takes it to almost a 50% uptime (actually ~47%, but hey). That makes it incredibly good, and definitely much, much better than it was before.

Does it compare to the existing DPS LMG? Probably not yet. However I’m definitely expecting that tank RPPM mod to get nerfed with extreme prejudice in an upcoming build. That will definitely put the tank LMG solidly ahead.

Trinket, enchant, set bonus, and legendary meta-gem effects whose triggered effect benefits from haste no longer also have their chance to trigger the benefit from haste. Activation chances for those effects have been adjusted to compensate.

There’s been a whole host of changes to the RPPM trinkets. I took the liberty of updating the RPS spreadsheet with the changes, and here’s the result:

Note, all of these trinkets are the double-upgraded versions. Primarily I’m just trying to show how fucking good Renataki and Bloodlust are now. Everything is basically complete shit by comparison. The new RPS trinkets in SoO don’t even come with passive stats, so they’re fucking awful. Granted almost everyone is going to be using the CDR trinket anyway, but still. It’s good to know what your RPS options are. Special thanks to Theck for helping me sim Bloodlust with the new ICD.

Thick Hide now reduces the cooldown on Barkskin by 30 sec.

I’ll admit, my first reaction to this was WHAT THE FUCK. Then I realized this was probably part of the whole “solution to Nazgrim” thing GC was tweeting about last week. I checked with Buraan, and he agreed with me. So with the CDR trinket we’ll have a 25 second CD on Barkskin (30 / 1.2 = 25). This means that we can have up to 2 minutes and 12 seconds of 100% Savage Defense uptime. That’s actually kind of ridiculous. Close to triple the current value.

That screams broken to me, but what the heck do I know. Everything about this patch screams broken to me. However I wouldn’t be surprised if our 2pc bonus changes as a result.

Dream of Cenarius now increases the Critical Strike Chance of Mangle by 10%. Chance to proc a Dream is reduced to 40%.

I actually just tested this on the PTR. The proc is now 20 seconds in duration, which is pretty incredible. The real question becomes is the Mangle change enough of a DPS gain to offset the GCD loss?

Well the number of procs we get in ~553 gear is: 0.8 * 0.4 * 0.21875 * 60 = 4.2. So that’s 4 GCDs we’d spend per minute (out of 40) on Healing Touch / Rebirth. For the sake of argument let’s assume that all of these GCDs are Lacerates. We then know that Lacerate does 0.616*AP in damage, so missing 4 per minute would be a loss of (2.464 + 1.848) or 4.312*AP in damage.

We also know that Mangle does (0.5*AP) + 7*WeaponDPS in damage. In the course of 1 minute you would have ~13 Mangles (0.21875*60). Without DoC those Mangles would deal 11.05*AP + 154.7*WeaponDPS in damage. With DoC this number increases to 11.7*AP + 163.8*WeaponDPS. A difference of 0.65AP and 9.1 WeaponDPS.

Subtracting like terms we get 9.1 WeaponDPS = 3.662AP. Since we know a 561′s weapon DPS is 8187.5 that means the break even point is (9.1*8187.5)/3.662 or 20345 AP.

So yes, it’s still a DPS loss. How much?

At 200k AP it comes out to around 12k DPS or so. Nothing to sneeze at to be sure, but look at what we gain in return. It’s probably most analagous to the old Battle Healer glyph. Yes we trade a bit of DPS, but we gain a ton of very effective healing in return, plus a little Rage as a bonus. I’ll take that trade any day of the week.

Yeah, changing the way it works. Long term, we want Guardian less focused on dodge more on AM. High armor and health are cool.

At first this caught me by surprise. However after a bit of thinking I realized that this is definitely a 6.0-era change. What could it be? Well a while ago on MMO-Champ (I’ll be damned if I can find the exact post) there was a suggestion to have Savage Defense also increase our Armor. I think that’s the direction GC is talking about here. Cool by me.

And one more thing…

Oh yeah. And this happened.


Well another patch cycle is upon us.  I left it pretty late this time (shame on me!) mostly because I was hoping for some sort of better idea of what the EH requirements will be like in Dragon Soul.  I made a fairly reliable estimate based on previous patches, and we’ll see how accurate it is.  Remember that I don’t raid until Thursdays, so I don’t want to hear any complaining if I suddenly change something between now and then.

And lets be honest, one lost raid week isn’t the end of the world and you’re probably better off anyway since Mists is a longggggggg way away.

Bear Changes

120% Armor Bonus for Bear form is now available at all levels, not just after level 40. 

This was done to help out low level Bear tanks and their inherent squishiness.  It’ll have a side effect of making Feral even more broken and overpowered in low level BGs, but nobody claimed the brackets before max level were balanced.  Good change overall though.

Bear Form Bonus Stamina increased to 20% from 10%. 

The stated reason for doing this is to help keep us in line with block-capping shield tanks.  I’d go on a diatribe about how we predicted this back before Cataclysm even launched, but I think that’s old news at this point.  At any rate it’s not so much a good change as a bandaid.  However the hope is that “Mists will fix it.”

Bears and LFR

I had previously stated on twitter that LFR was largely going to be a waste of time for Bears outside of tokens, since we pretty much couldn’t roll on anything.  Thankfully after an empassioned plea to Bashiok the developers added some “special Bear rules” to prevent us from being completely screwed.  Which means now going to LFR to get gear as a Bear is a good idea, especially for Normal Mode raiders.

Notes for Normal Mode Raiding

These notes are entirely based on simulations of 215k unmitigated damage.  There are some things I still want to look at (such as weapon and trinket comparisons), but I can’t do that without more raw data.

  • Get Kiril, Wrath of Unchaining, Resolve of Undying and 2pc T13 bonus ASAP.  Even the LFR versions.
  • You’ll have to farm a lot of VP in order to get all of your offset items :(
  • You’re going to be over the Exp softcap on normal mode unless you use offset pieces.
  • I’d honestly probably use the offset pants instead of the tier pants unless your raid needs the cooldown.  They’re a lot better.
  • The 403 PvP sets are perfectly viable until you get normal mode or higher PvE gear.  2pc is Gloves+Hat.  4pc is Gloves+Hat+Shoulders+Legs.
  • If you’re the first tank for your guild, you should be reforging to Dodge.  If you’re going to be using Cat form often (say as the 2nd tank), then you can use Exp/Crit/Mastery.

You can expect more information in the future as we get more and more accurate results from live servers.

4T10 Set Bonus

October 20, 2010

The set bonus is not broken.

While 4T10 is equipped, you will not take an extra 10% physical damage when Enrage is active, despite what that pesky buff tooltip says.  Guess what?  The old one said Enrage reduced armor.  4T10′s bonus text was not updated to reflect the change of Enrage.  Enraged Defense will always give you 12% damage reduction from all sources of damage, including physical.

There is a simple, very effective, test for this:  Have someone duel you and punch you with no weapons, trinkets, or AP increasing items(AV Rep ring) equipped.  Just let him keep punching you.  Take note of the amount of damage you were taking.  Take that amount and subtract 12% from it (or multiply the damaging amount by .12 and subtract that value from the original).  Use Enrage while getting punched.  The amount of damage you’re taking while under Enraged Defense should reflect the answer you received above, which is exactly 12% damage reduction.

I used a Hunter for this experiment.  I used his pet afterwards to confirm.  I was getting hit for 206, meaning a 12% damage reduction would be ~181.  I used Enrage, and I was getting hit for 180-182.

Again, the set bonus is not broken.  All it is is a case of un-updated tooltip, which Blizzard is notorious for.  You can relax, I promise.