T15 Set Bonuses!

January 9, 2013

In the newest 5.2 PTR (Build 16446) we get a look at the set bonuses for the tier of the Thunder King!

Guardian 2P: Each attack you dodge while Savage Defense is active increases the healing from your next Frenzied Regeneration within 10 sec by 10%, stacking up to 10 times.

Guardian 4P: You generate X% more Rage from your attacks while Enrage is active.

The 2 piece bonus sounds pretty nice. Only time will tell if we actually attempt to save up charges for a big FR, or ignore it and treat it more like a passive healing buff.

The 4 piece obviously will massively depend on what X ends up being, but I like the sound of it so far.

As to how this will affect us with the other patch changes, we will be in a somewhat unique situation where all of our secondary stats are pretty powerful. Dodge receives a buff in that dodges under SD now give a healing buff, and mastery is being flat out buffed. Rage gen stats benefit from FR buffs and a multiplier from the 4 piece. We will also start getting to the point in our gearing where we actually have more rage than we can spend (personally I already get there sometimes), which means we can start dumping more and more itemization into dodge and mastery. So far this tier is looking mighty fine for us bears!

Tell us what you think about the new bonuses in the comments!


  • Buraan says:

    The 2 piece looks particularly interesting, as in an aoe situation those stacks will build up very fast, making FR do significantly increased healing. But apart from that, I can’t see specifically waiting for stacks to build up to be viable most of the time, not to mention on fights like Lei Shi, where the stacks would be very useful, you aren’t going to get any. You may end up saving stacks for some sort of breath like tsu long. Either way, very interesting.

    The 4 piece on the other hand, gives rage at a time when you are already swimming in rage anyway (because of enrage). Maybe if it was for a certain amount of time after enrage fell off? Similar to the monk’s 2pc or to how our dodge bonus worked in FL. The warrior 4pc, which seems quite close to our enrage one interacts with demo shout, which doesn’t already give rage. I guess they just looked for an ability that was on the same sort of cd and duration to attach our set bonus to.

    • Arielle says:

      Agreed that the 2pc is interesting, except that it doesn’t help us when we are using FR primarily.

      I like the idea of increasing our Rage generation when using a short-term CD. I don’t know if I like it being attached to Enrage though. Have to wait until they give us a number for it for any sort of objective analysis.

  • Jimli says:

    I can’t say that I am overly impressed with the bonuses. 2pc is a nice almost passive boost to FR. My guild raids for the experience so we don’t often run heroics. The extra rage from 4pc is lack luster for me personally because of two reasons, 1. I believe it will encourage more use of maul and I rarely need to take advantage of TC procs and 2. This will also change reforging rules based on the bonus and I don’t want to extend the effort.

    Maybe that makes me a bad bear.

    • Jimli says:

      Didn’t pay attention to the enrage factor of 4 pc. My second reason is invalid. However, I agree with Buraan on swimming in rage which reinforces my first point on 4pc.

  • Hippay says:

    The 4pc … it seems a little ‘meh’. It’s another short CD Inifinite Rage deal. It’ll be useful at times, but overall, it doesn’t excite me, especially when compared to the 4pc of the other tanks.

    The 2pc on the other hand, seems completely worthless to me. Maybe I’m wrong in my initial reaction to it, but if I’m using SD, it’s because I want to avoid big physical damage, and if I have excess rage, I want to further mitigate the big physical damage with T&C. At no point on any SD heavy fight to date, am I considering using FR. If I’m using heavy FR heals, it’s because it’s a complete waste of rage to press SD. Why on fights like Leeshi, Dogs, Protectors, or any other heavy FR fight, would I want to, or need to spend 60 rage on dodge?

    Now, stack up our 2pc to Pally’s. They get passive mitigating on their AM heal. … wut?

    • Arielle says:

      You can’t keep SD up forever though. It will eventually drop off and you will have to use FR if the incoming damage is high enough.

      What this allows you to do is build up a big heal, and then spend some time “recharging” SD and instead use the Rage you would normally spend on SD on a huge heal.

      It’ll take some getting use to, but it’s definitely cool. Whether or not the majority of Guardians end up doing it, I dunno.

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