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We’ve gone 9/14 normal in our first week, and I’m here to share some notes with you. I’ll do the first four encounters today, with others to follow later. As per usual if I don’t mention something specifically, just assume you can do whatever you want. From now on in the Gear sections I’m just going to assume that everyone will be going RPS. Instead I will point out potential opportunities to use the DPS LMG or Cloak.



The Rundown:

  • Trash: I don’t really know if the trash does anything at all. I know you only have to clear one side of the stairway, but that’s really it.
  • Talents: Wild Charge, Typhoon, SotF, Bash.
  • Glyphs: N/A.
  • Gear: The boss does basically no damage, can definitely get away with using the DPS LMG and/or cloak.

Encounter Notes:

  • You can’t really do anything to heal the blue adds, so just focus on the black ones.
  • Charge, Typhoon, and Bash are all great for cc’ing the slimes.
  • Swap after each Corrosive Blast.
  • Don’t stand in puddles..
  • Don’t get hit by the wave.
  • Incarnation is very likely to get completely wasted later on in the fight. Might as well go with SotF.


Fallen Protectors

The Rundown:

  • Trash: None.
  • Talents: FS/WC, Incarnation/SotF, NV/DoC
  • Glyphs: N/A.
  • Gear: Plenty of cleave opportunities makes a great reason to bring the DPS cloak. I’d probably go with the tank LMG though, as pushing a Protector over at the wrong time is bad news.

Encounter Notes:

  • If you end up tanking Rook, make sure you face him away from the raid when you go in for Sun’s Desperate Measures.
  • Remember to turn around for He’s Gouge.
  • You generally want to avoid pushing over more than one Protector at a time.
  • We stacked all 3 Protectors for Inferno Strike and killed Sorrow first during Rook’s Desperate Measures.



The Rundown:

  • Trash: Stay right as you start down the hill from the Protectors area. This will allow you to skip most of this huge trash area. None of it does anything particularly interesting.
  • Talents: FS, Incarnation/SotF, Bash, NV/DoC.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar.
  • Gear: Not much cleave to be had, although you could help out by using the DPS LMG – especially once purified.

Encounter Notes:

  • The “tank” trial is pretty easy: Run out of Titanic Smash, and interrupt Hurl Corrpution.
  • Swap every 3-4 stacks or so.
  • Later on in the fight you’ll need to soak Residual Corruption. Remember you can only soak until 100 Corruption.
  • Send your best DPS and healers into the tests first. Tanks shouldn’t start going until the 3rd or 4th group at the earliest.
  • The tank that isn’t active on the Amalgam of Corruption should be picking up Manifestation of Corruption.
  • Don’t get hit by the laser.
  • There isn’t really a “good” time to use HotW, although if you get purified first you could probably arrange it.


Sha of Pride

The Rundown:

  • Trash: Dodge purple stuff on the ground. Yes you have to kill all of it.
  • Talents: FS, SotF/Incarnation, NV/DoC.
  • Glyphs: N/A.
  • Gear: The boss himself does hardly any damage, can probably use both DPS legendaries.

Encounter Notes:

  • Swap immediately for Wounded Pride.
  • Don’t get hit by the sha explosions when they spawn.
  • If you’re not actively tanking feel free to help out with Reflections if no swap or Prison is happening soon.
  • We had tanks handle the SE prison by themselves since the large add spawns on the west wall.
  • This fight is super boring as a tank.


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Happy nomming!


  • Killawafer says:

    Couple of alternatives if people are having difficulty:


    Talents: I really like mass entanglement here. If you use it properly, you can rope 3 blobs and then spend some time killing other blobs.


    Our DPS still sucks. We ended up having to two heal it and still only barely got the kill (under 10 seconds left on enrage).

    You’ll need to soak 9 or 10 puddles over this fight. We send a tank in first so that the first two puddles can be soaked by the other tank and a DPS (who goes in immediately after soaking), then we send the other tank and the DPS who just soaked, and then one DPS at a time (two Manifestations up concurrently requires prematurely blowing Healing CDs which we would otherwise save for the end). With the DPS legendary Meta equipped, our healers found that they could comfortably heal up to 7 stacks of the debuff in a pinch…but we preferred to taunt off before 5.

    Also, tell your warrior tanks to save ALL of their CDs for the trial…apparently they just melt in there or something.

    I managed to save the raid on our kill with a well Timed HoTW Tranq (on the 20% Boss Health Manifestation) and a Rebirth, but I only managed to taunt the Manifestation by the skin of my teeth. We just ignored the last Manifestation and went HAM on the boss to kill it in time. Everything you can do to increase your damage on the boss is going to help, especially if your DPS haven’t quite figured out their class post 5.4, so tank adds next to the boss (opposite side of the boss tank) to get cleaves, keep your bleeds up on the boss at all times, etc.

    Sha of Pride:

    Get a sandwich.

    • Killawafer says:

      Nevermind, apparently warriors (and us via symbi) can Spell Reflect Hurl Corruption. This should solve some problems my warrior co-tank was having.

  • Vondo says:

    -Single tanking this fight is easy (at least on normal). If you lust in the beginning, there’s only one point at which you’ll take more than 1 debuff and SI/barkskin covers you for that. You’ll also be able to 2-3 shot most of the black adds.
    -Taking DoC is nice for this because a single DoC crit with boss vengeance can pop a blue add to full.

    Fallen Protectors:
    -Might be a good idea to stress that both Gloom and Misery absolutely need to be tanked. Misery should be tanked far away from everyone else and Gloom needs to be interrupted constantly.
    -We had our dps place the mark on the He tank (since He goes away) and the He tank pops a CD at some point if stacks get high.

    Norushen Trash: Does anyone know if the 2 big adds are skippable? Is the last big add in front of the cave killable with both of the debuffs?

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      Dunno. But it’s easy to skip most of the smaller packs and just kill the big ones.

    • Konori says:

      My guild skips one of them, just turning right and jumping down the little hill. We killed all three on our flex run, but I haven’t really noticed a difference with killing and not killing the farthest one.

      There is a hill that you can just run past both of them and go right for the gate guard. I’d say just take a few minutes to find out.

  • Shaun Bird says:

    Just a note – did the fight on 25HC last week – druid tanks (having in excess of 1Mill hp) CAN absorb 2 corrosive blasts – found this made the fight a lot easier for the other tank (a warrior) in allowing us to mitigate a lot of the tank swaps – just make sure to have a cd up when the 2nd blast hits – SI or glyphed MoU – even just using the barkskin allows a more even throughput of dmg for the healers to cope with.

    hope that helps anyone that is having difficulty with the tanks getting gibbed on swaps

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