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Sorry this post is late again. I didn’t write it on Sunday (like I usually do) ….. and I don’t really have a good reason. I think I was mostly watching River Monsters which is a pretty awesome show. In any case I wanted to put together a little list of things you should do to be prepared for patch 5.2. I’m obviously assuming that it will launch next Tuesday (March 5th), but we don’t know for 1000% yet.

Legendary Quest Chain

This should be pretty obvious. If you haven’t yet you need to make sure you’ve completed the 5.1 section of the Legendary quest chain, culminating in either Call of the Packmaster or The Soul of the Horde if you’re Alliance or Horde respectively. The new meta gems in 5.2 (especially the tank one) are incredible, and you will want to get them as soon as humanly possible.

Cap Valor Points

As soon as the new patch lands there will be two new factions for you to earn reputation with. One of these – the Shado-Pan Assault – has a 522 neck available (Flanker’s Battletags) right at Neutral which means you’ll be able to purchase it as soon as the patch lands. You’ll also be able to hit Friendly with them inside the first week, which means you’ll be spending VP faster than you can earn it.

Now of course this is only possible because VP aren’t actually going to reset when patch 5.2 lands. Justice Points will still be converted to gold though.

Bank Lesser Charms

With a new raid patch of course comes a new raid. That means you’ll again be spending lesser charms to buy a new “Bonus Roll” currency. While there will be more opportunities to earn lesser charms in 5.2 – since they will be obtainable from Pet Battles – dailies will still be by far your fastest way of getting them. I’ll have banked around 1500 by the time 5.2 launches so I won’t be on Daily Quest overload :)


If you’re already at 3000 VP at the start of this week, you can spend some on upgrading a piece of gear. The only item that stands a chance of carrying over for a long period of time into the next tier is Terror in the Mists. Otherwise I’d probably upgrade your weapon since it has the highest proportion of stats.

Crafting Materials

If you have a crafting profession it’d be a good idea to start farming materials now. There are going to be new patterns available in the next patch for gear, and as always they will be in extremely high demand in the initial weeks. Banking Spirits of Harmony beforehand will ensure you have a healthy stockpile of mats for when you get a pattern.

Cap Conquest (PvP Only)

Since 5.2 also brings some significant buffs to Guardian PvP (which is already good to begin with), you should look into getting as many Conquest Points as you can. These will be converted to Honor when 5.2 hits, giving you a tiny headstart in the gear race.

It’s worth noting that the current season’s gear will also be getting the new set bonuses, so if you can get a full set of Honor gear even better.

Stay Tuned to TiB!

I’d feel like a dummy if I didn’t at least attempt to sneak a self-promo in here. I’ll be updating the guide and adding gear lists this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

As always, a “5.2 Survival Guide” will go up on next Monday.

What about you? Do you have other suggestions about things people to could look into before the next patch hits?

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  • Tailswish says:

    I’m way behind on the legendary quest line, unfortunately. Between really bad luck with sigils and the fact that there’s no way to make “A Test of Valor” take less than six weeks, I’ve still got a ways to go (less than a third of the way through “A Test of Valor”).

    Other than that, though, I think I’m ready. I’ll have 3,000 VP ready to go, as well as almost a million gold to spend on any BoEs/crafted gear/BMAH stuff that may show itself (and hooray for now being on a server where those crafted epics actually show up). I’m a bit sad as a gold maker that the crafted PvP gear is only going up to 558, but here’s hoping that market doesn’t crash too hard.

    I’ve also got my ghost iron ore that I’ve been stockpiling off and on for the last few weeks. With the new blacksmithing catch-up recipes, I imagine the prices on those will rise. And even if they don’t, gems and such should still be flying off the shelves, so I have no worries about recouping my investment.

    Now if only I knew if my guild’s recruitment will be ready to go…

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