So my first real blogpost back on Death Kitty was about Death Knight tanking in 3.1.  Back then I tanked on a DK, and continued to do so until the great “nerf to the ground” partway through Ulduar. 

It’s interesting to see that my writing style has remained largely unchanged over the years.

Alright, so I admit.  I kinda lost track of this thing.  I blame all of the work that had to go into generating 2 different sets of gear for Bears.  Plus I just kinda wanted to vegetate on Skyrim, and PvP.

Anyways, we’re back with Day 8!  10 things people don’t know about me >.<

1) I live with a girl.  Totally platonic though.
2) I have a weakness for top 40 music.
3) I think Deadmau5 is the sickest nerd baller alive.
4) I’m a college dropout.  I do want to get my degree someday though.
5) I actually love my job, and would definitely love to make a career out of it.
6) I can cook.  Pretty well actually.
7) I avoided gym class like the plague, but loved winter sports. 
8) I took part in a french exchange program in high school.
9) I got to meet Ron McLean once.
10) My celebrity crush is Ellen Page.

Yawning has updated Mew for 4.3. Download here. Changes here.

I have updated my Cat DPS Guide for 4.3 on the Official WoW Forums. I should probably put that guide on TIB too. Maybe something I’ll do in my spare time later. Answering some common questions:

My Bear Spreadsheet has also been updated for 4.3

  • 2T13 bonus is ~400 AEP worth of mitigation.
  • Previously, vengeance will decay by 5% if you dodge or the get missed on all the attacks on yourself for the 2 second window. This no longer happens. Since all the boss seem to have 1.8s attack speed (debuffed), vengeance should not decay unless the boss does spellcasting.
  • I neglected the DPS portion of the spreadsheet for 4.2, but it’s now updated with the correct coefficients. If you need absolute accuracy for Bear DPS, use Mew instead, but the spreadsheet shouldn’t be too far off.

My Restoration Spreadsheet has also been updated for 4.3

  • Glyph of Wild Growth while it has been nerfed, is still a nett gain of HPC, SHPS and BHPS as long as you hit 6 targets with Wild Growth.
  • The value of the 2005 Haste Breakpoint is ~450 IEP. This can be found by setting your Haste Rating to 2004 and reading off the IEP value of haste.
  • The current default profile is based on Beruthiel@Llane’s (as recommended by Lissanna) iLevel 388 pre-4.3 gearset.
  • The stat values from my spreadsheet shouldn’t be too far off from TreeCalc’s. However, note that if you look at TreeCalc’s HPS values without accounting for the “Time to OOM” you WILL overvalue Haste Rating (in between the Haste Breakpoints). The Sustainable HPS values from my spreadsheet takes into account both HPS and Time-to-OOM, and shows that Haste Rating is inferior to all the other secondary stats in between the Haste Breakpoints.
  • Interestingly enough, Critical Strike Rating is only slightly behind Mastery Rating, and will even match Mastery Rating for Tank Healing with 3/3 Living Seed. The main thing keeping Mastery Rating in front is that Efflorescence double-dips into Mastery.

Sorry boomkins, I don’t have anything for you except this.

I hope to go into theorycraft hibernation until MoP, but if you have any questions, feature requests or other feedback, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Well another patch cycle is upon us.  I left it pretty late this time (shame on me!) mostly because I was hoping for some sort of better idea of what the EH requirements will be like in Dragon Soul.  I made a fairly reliable estimate based on previous patches, and we’ll see how accurate it is.  Remember that I don’t raid until Thursdays, so I don’t want to hear any complaining if I suddenly change something between now and then.

And lets be honest, one lost raid week isn’t the end of the world and you’re probably better off anyway since Mists is a longggggggg way away.

Bear Changes

120% Armor Bonus for Bear form is now available at all levels, not just after level 40. 

This was done to help out low level Bear tanks and their inherent squishiness.  It’ll have a side effect of making Feral even more broken and overpowered in low level BGs, but nobody claimed the brackets before max level were balanced.  Good change overall though.

Bear Form Bonus Stamina increased to 20% from 10%. 

The stated reason for doing this is to help keep us in line with block-capping shield tanks.  I’d go on a diatribe about how we predicted this back before Cataclysm even launched, but I think that’s old news at this point.  At any rate it’s not so much a good change as a bandaid.  However the hope is that “Mists will fix it.”

Bears and LFR

I had previously stated on twitter that LFR was largely going to be a waste of time for Bears outside of tokens, since we pretty much couldn’t roll on anything.  Thankfully after an empassioned plea to Bashiok the developers added some “special Bear rules” to prevent us from being completely screwed.  Which means now going to LFR to get gear as a Bear is a good idea, especially for Normal Mode raiders.

Notes for Normal Mode Raiding

These notes are entirely based on simulations of 215k unmitigated damage.  There are some things I still want to look at (such as weapon and trinket comparisons), but I can’t do that without more raw data.

  • Get Kiril, Wrath of Unchaining, Resolve of Undying and 2pc T13 bonus ASAP.  Even the LFR versions.
  • You’ll have to farm a lot of VP in order to get all of your offset items :(
  • You’re going to be over the Exp softcap on normal mode unless you use offset pieces.
  • I’d honestly probably use the offset pants instead of the tier pants unless your raid needs the cooldown.  They’re a lot better.
  • The 403 PvP sets are perfectly viable until you get normal mode or higher PvE gear.  2pc is Gloves+Hat.  4pc is Gloves+Hat+Shoulders+Legs.
  • If you’re the first tank for your guild, you should be reforging to Dodge.  If you’re going to be using Cat form often (say as the 2nd tank), then you can use Exp/Crit/Mastery.

You can expect more information in the future as we get more and more accurate results from live servers.

So I missed a few days.  :(

What is my favourite item?  Flamescythe.

What does my desk look like?  Well I had to clean my desk to show you this, and I added a few extra pictures for funnies.

This is what my desk looks like.  Kinda boring and black


I have an end table dedicated to figurines.  Do you know them all?

On my roof.

At the foot of my bed.

The reason behind the blog’s name?  Something to do with some sort of critter somewhere in the game.  Reesi can tell you the full story.