Guardian 6.1 Survival Guide

February 22, 2015

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Well, to be perfectly honest there hasn’t been much to talk about that required a blog post. That is to say, there were no announcements of changes or earth-shattering discoveries. Until the initial 6.1 patch notes were posted.

I suppose you could claim the great Thrash nerf was significant, but everyone knew it was coming. I’m extremely surprised it made out of beta tuned the way it was, especially for an ability that had no AoE cap. Anyways, that’s over and done with and now our AoE is actually somewhat sane.

But we’re really here to talk about…

Patch 6.1 Survival Guide

I’ll save the juiciest one for last. The rest are pretty pointless.

Bristling Fur (Guardian) now has a 30-second cooldown (down from 1 minute).

Sigh. This talent just isn’t going to work. Not only does it not affect your gameplay at all (whereas the other two do), but it performs a function that is better suited to (and is already provided by) a glyph. As long as Glyph of Survival Instincts exists, this talent will be 90% (or more – although arbitrary numbers are arbitrary) superfluous. It should really be replaced with a talent that changes Frenzied Regeneration in some manner.

To be fair, it’s entirely possible that new talents weren’t on the table for 6.1. In any case, this will continue to be an (almost) entirely dead talent for the foreseeable future.

Force of Nature’s Treants have been buffed with a 35% increase to their health and spellpower, and an 80% increase to their armor and attack power.

Normally I would completely pan any change to Force of Nature. However there’s an undocumented enhancement to the Guardian version that drastically improves its usability. Instead of taunting your target after losing aggro or its target dies, the tree will now either re-taunt its current target or find something else to attack. This is huge.

It also now taunts casters (so the caster mob will cast into the tree), and actually holds threat vs healers and DPS. It won’t hold off of you if you continue to attack into the same target, but that’s to be expected. It’s definitely now a fully viable talent in those situations where dangerous adds exist. Thogar maybe? Cinderwolves? Challenge Modes and Proving Grounds for sure, but it’ll be interesting to see where someone can otherwise find benefits.

Renewal now instantly heals for 30% of max health (up from 22%).

For Guardians this is an unbelievably meaningless buff. The core problem with this tier of talents is that Cenarion Ward is affected by Resolve. The other two talents aren’t. Until this is no longer the case everyone will just continue to use CW.

Guardian of Elune (Guardian) now also reduces the rage cost of Savage Defense by the Druid’s base dodge chance percentage.

This is the somewhat interesting one. As we talked about back in beta, the core problem with Guardian of Elune is the RPS cost increased as your gear improved, which made it impossible to use. Now that this is no longer the case, there is a definite choice between it and Pulverize. For a generic Mythic boss the TMI difference is in the area of 5%-7%, which is what was expected. It’s also a ~5% DPS increase over Pulverize, so it’s an example of trading defense for offense.

Unless the swing timer is between 2-3 seconds. There are a few of these in Foundry. Let’s take Kromog as an example. On Mythic he essentially melees for ~500k unmit (give or take) every 2 seconds on the active tank, which is avoidable. It’s split between two different abilities sure, but that’s still basically what happens. He also uses special abilities with cast times pretty often, which is free recharge time. So what exactly happens to the difference between regular Savage Defense and GoE once you reach that 2s timer? Well, this (approximately):


This is really the same as the original 1.5s graph. The only differences is that the gap between 1.5s and 2s is much larger, owing to the reduction of melee swings from 4 to 3 for Savage Defense. This reduces the number of average dodges from 1.8 to ~1.716. Not a huge difference when you first look at it. But it’s still a 5% increase to the number of dodges by GoE. This means GoE actually catches up to Pulverize in terms of TMI while providing a DPS increase.


Now lets look at what happens when you bump it up to a 2.5s swing timer. Something you find with Gruul for example.


GoE is actually surpassing Pulverize? What? Madness! It’s worth noting that these sims are both assuming that the only incoming damage is purely physical – and this is a technical limitation of the sim itself. There’s also the assumption that you are actually hitting GoE at points where you will actually dodge both of those melee swings. It’s very obvious that such an assumption requires a swing timer on the part of the player, but as long as you have one that works it’s perfectly valid.

It’s also worth noting that these sims were run using a Multistrike/Mastery build – which is quickly turning out to be the most effective stat cominbation for Mythic raiding. And a very plentiful one.

In any case, all I really wanted to show is that:

  • GoE is no longer “bad”.
  • If you’re raiding at the normal or heroic level, you can pick either GoE or Pulverize and be fine.
  • If you’re at the mythic level, there are ways you can abuse GoE to squeeze out extra DPS if you can manage swing timers properly, without adversely affecting survival. Even further there are some encounters where you can abuse the faster recharge as well.
  • GoE got a whole lot better for AoE – a general situation where using Pulverize is problematic to begin with (only really currently valid for CMs).

All rings, neck, cloak, and trinket items that can be acquired in Nagrand (A level 98+ zone) or later should now be better suited for the character’s loot specialization. This means tanks should no longer receive items with no bonus Armor and healers should no longer receive items with no Spirit from sources like item tokens, quests, or Personal loot mode in Dungeons and Raids for those item slots.

If I had a nickel…


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