My apologies, the mini-calculator in the addendum to Reesi’s post about the Thick Hide changes was a terrible rushed job. I’ve since found time to analyze the changes further.

First, I’ve updated my spreadsheet for 4.0.6, and there is a separate tab for 4.0.3 values for comparison. At the bottom of the main tab, the differences between 4.0.3 and 4.0.6 are calculated.

I initially calculated that the Damage Reduction is increased by ~12%, but this gives, by some weirdness of maths, an decrease in Damage Taken by ~16%. With the removal of the ghost talent’s 12% Damage Reudction, the decrease in Damage Taken by ~2%. However, the removal of the 6% AP buff also means our Savage Defense absorbs have been nerfed by 6%. Adding it altogether, our Damage Taken per Second is pretty much unchanged – I’m seeing a ~0.04% different.

It’s almost as if the 78% number was deliberately chosen to fit what the ghosted talent used to give us.

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