Hello Guardians!

Welcome to the Monday Round-Up! We’ve had one pretty big thing drop on the PTR, plus a couple of smaller changes here and there. So what has happened in the past week?

Tooth and Claw!

A new ability appeared on the PTR in the last build called Tooth and Claw. Every auto attack has a 40% chance to grant a 10 second buff to the Guardian. This buff causes your next Maul to debuff the main target (extra target via glyph is unaffected), causing them to deal X less damage on their next autoattack where X = 0.4(MAX(2.5(AP – (2xAgility)), 2.5(Stamina))). More details on exactly how this functions are included in the links below:

TiB: Empowered Maul
Official PTR Forums: Tooth and Claw Feedback Thread

Thrash Nerf/Buff?

Another change datamined by MMO-Champion was a tooltip update of Thrash. The thread claims it’s a nerf, but it’s actually a buff to the base damage of Thrash. The AP coefficients have also finally been updated to match what is currently on live servers.

TiB an Official Resource!

On Wednesday of last week Zarhym posted a list of fansites and resources in a sticky on the offical General Discussion forums. I looked at it, and noticed that he had included a Priest site – How To Priest – in the list. So I tweeted him:

And the very next day, TiB was added to the list. This is obviously thanks in no small part to all of our fans and the theorycrafters upon which this site was built. <3<3<3 PS. I’ll be getting drunk with Zarhym next year at Blizzcon.

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