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We haven’t had one of these in a while since there hasn’t really been anything to talk about. But on Thursday Celestalon posted a developer blog and followed it up with a bunch of tweets. I’ll cover whatever pieces of the Guardians might care about, but it isn’t much.

Dev Watercooler

There really isn’t much here honestly. We already knew that the stat-squish was coming, even though I haven’t mentioned it specifically. It doesn’t really impact any specific class overall, it’s just a change for the overall improvement of the game.

However all of the base damage modifiers are being removed, of which we have a ton. Our abilities don’t scale as well as other classes’ – most notably Monks and Warriors – but have higher base damage. Ideally this won’t be a problem in Warlords, and the damage of all tanks will scale at somewhat the same rate.

The next part of the watercooler talked about Racials. Since Worgen racials remain unchanged (1% Crit, Darkflight), the other three Druid races become the following:

  • Night Elf: 1% Crit during the day, 1% Haste at night. Quickness now also grants 2% movement speed.
  • Tauren: 2% Critical Damage/Healing, Stamina bonus that scales with level.
  • Troll: Berserking now grants 15% Haste instead of 20%. Has +20% Experience from Beasts instead of damage.

Of these Night Elf and Tauren are the obvious choices for tanking, purely for the extra survivability.

I’m not really worried about the pruning of abilities. Druids in general don’t really have any “extra” abilities that can be removed without causing any problems. Of course there are things like Innervate which should just be outright removed from Guardians, but taking away abilities from the spec that we don’t need is perfectly fine.

The changes to crowd control aren’t really that interesting for Guardians. Heck, Blizzard doesn’t even know what they want to do with tanks in PvP yet.

Blue Tweets

That wasn’t even the biggest piece of news either. Most of the interesting stuff was passed on through Twitter after the blogpost went live. I’ve summarized the most interesting and relevant information below.

Might annoy some specs that benefit from one stat but not another (e.g. feral druids benefit from crit, but not haste)

We’re making sure that everyone benefits from them.

Normally things like this doesn’t really interest me. However there could be an interesting implication here. Consider that Feral really doesn’t like Haste other than what it does for Rune. At first glance the only real way to make Haste attractive to Feral is if bleeds were to scale with Haste like other DoT effects do. Now consider Guardians. Haste is basically a negligible DPS increase for us, we only get it for the increase in T&C procs and better Rage generation.

What if our bleeds also scaled with haste? That would be kinda cool.

Wait, the ONLY offensive cooldown will be Hero/BL/etc? Every other one is gone?

No, only *raid-wide* offensive cooldown is Bloodlust. I’m referring to removing Stormlash and Skull Banner.

Well that was kind of a no-brainer. This shouldn’t surprise anybody.

What of the Raid Wide CDs, other than Bloodlust, like devotion aura?

Defensive cooldowns stay. May tweak them of course, but as a concept they stay. Only offensive one will be Bloodlust (etc).

This tells me that their minds aren’t 100% made up on what to do about non-healer raid cooldowns. We know for a fact that something is going to change about them, but it’s not clear exactly what yet. Given how annoying Tranquility is to arrange for Guardians already, it will either become easier to use or get axed entirely from our spellbook. I don’t particuarly care which way they go, but the latter is definitely easier to do.

When are we getting those changed from Haste to Amp? Makes much better sense as raid cooldown

Based on our experiments with the SoO trinkets, we’re holding off on doing Amp and Cleave as stats, at least for now.

Again, surprising nobody.

That’s everything that qualifies as “news” at this point. Everything else has long-since been confirmed, and is just Celery re-answering the same questions over-and-over again. Assuming no new crazy things come out in the next week, my next post should be about simming Heart of the Wild DPS as a Guardian!

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