Hello Guardians!

Here’s your news and updates for the last week.

“Traditional Tank Stats”?

GC made a curious post in the PTR Class Analysis thread talking about “traditional” tank stats vs offensive tank stats. I know this is Paladin specific, but it’s curious to wonder if this is going to get extended to Guardians as well. With RPS stats being overwhelmingly better than traditional defensive stats you have to wonder if they’re going to make a similar move with Dodge and Mastery for Guardians.

I hope they don’t decide to add Dodge to more tier pieces >.<

A clarification was later made stating that they don’t want players to essentially ignore “traditional” stats. That probably explains the buff to Guardian’s Mastery, but it’s going to take a lot for us to care about Dodge again.

Cyclone DR Removed

I was one of those people that said the Cyclone nerfs wouldn’t actually make it to live. Turns out I was right. GC posted some changes including a removal of the Cyclone DR. This definitely helps Guardian PvP. Makes me even more excited to try out Guardian PvP in 5.2.

5.2 Item Levels & Thunderforged Items

Blizzard made a post detailing what the item levels will be in the new raid instance, and what the “Thunderforged” tag will mean. It turns out I 100% accurately predicted that normal mode would end up being 522, with heroic at 535.

The wrench comes from the new “Thunderforged” tag. Essentially non-tier pieces have a random chance to drop 6 item levels higher than normal. But since this is a small chance (and even smaller on 10m), it’s not worth being concerned about.

When item upgrades come back in 5.3 (?) you’ll want to spend your points on upgrading tier pieces first, then pieces which you won’t be replacing. The last thing you want to do is waste VP on upgrading a piece, only to have its TF replacement drop right afterwards.

PTR Build 16486

We also had a new PTR build with a couple of changes.

Cyclone now has a 25 yd range, down from 30.
Growl no longer activates Bear Form, now requires it.

The Cyclone change was referred to in the PTR Class Analysis thread. Growl no longer activiting Bear Form is to prevent PvP abuses by Resto. It doesn’t really mean much for PvE.

•Tooth and Claw damage was reduced by ~12%

You may remember early in the PTR there was an update that actually buffed T&C by 10%. Now they have reversed course and subsequently nerfed T&C down to 88% Vengeance, which is below the 100% we’re at right now. Not a big deal, especially since we can always spend Rage on Frenzied Regen instead.

Guardian RBG Guide

A poster on the MMO-Champ forums did a quick guide to RBG’ing as a Guardian. He’s ~2500 rating in RBGs, so chances are pretty good he knows what he’s talking about. Go take a look!

Wenselaas Retires

On more of a sad note, Wenselaas has unfortunately had some RL changes which mean he won’t be raiding anymore. As a result he didn’t feel comfortable continuing to write about 25m Guardians. I wish him all the best.

Unfortunately I don’t have anyone lined up to replace his content. So I’m going to try and do 3 articles a week. We’ll see how it goes.

Catch you on Wednesday for a new “Off-Topic” article.

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