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I took a bit of time off to do the 30 Days of Character Development posts, but we’re back now with a new roundup! Nothing in terms of changes to the game, but there are a few interesting tweets that I would like to comment on.

Celestalon Tweets

6.0 tanks will do 70%(?) dmg of a DD-since you can kill every boss with every tank, isn’t it obivous best dmg tank>other tanks?
No… We’ll be balancing tank DPS just as much as we balance DPS DPS. Tanks have their own strengths and weaknesses, as always.

I mean….I would hope that would be obvious to most people. When tanks have a “fixed” DPS value (relative to actual DPSers) of course they have to be balanced with each other. I hoped everyone would’ve understood that by now.

Does that mean tanks are going to end up less-fun? A lot of the fun of tanking recently has come from vengeance.
Who can say if any specific change makes the game more or less fun for any given person. But no, it shouldn’t.
You’re most likely not having fun because of Vengeance->DPS; rather because you do good damage, and the def gameplay is fun.

I’m sorry but if you’re a tank because you like doing lots of DPS, you’re a tank for the wrong reason. You should be a tank because you like being the one “in the line of fire” so-to-speak. Tanks will obviously still be expected to DPS to their maximum potential, that potential just won’t be the same as someone that specializes in dealing damage, for example.

I imagine a change like this might drive away some tanks, but all of the good ones that actually enjoy tanking as a role will stick around.

Watcher Tweets

Would you agree that that there’s a tad too much spiky damage favoring smart healing? E.g. Galakras drakefire and juggernaut
Alternately, there’s a tad too much smart healing and ambient AoE healing so that non-spiky damage isn’t even noticed.

This is something that’s been touched on before, but I wanted to bring it up again. The smart heal “arms race” has become a problem that now even directly affects tanks. Many raids nowadays don’t even have someone dedicated to looking after the tank, this is something even Treckie and Slootbag both referenced during the recent Protection Paladin episode of Final Boss. There are so many smart heals flying around that any gaps in a tank’s survival are fully covered without any direct attention from a healer. Any other spikes a tank can cover on their own.

There has been some discussion whether simply “dumbing down” smart healing will be enough. I think that, plus the change to a fixed 20m raid size – at least the raid size that has the razor’s edge balance – will go a long way to bringing back actual decision making when healing.

will of the emperor was a really fun fight to tank because it wasn’t “taunt at x” any plans to make more encounters like this?
Awesome, glad you enjoyed it — we’re always looking to add new and engaging tank mechanics. We know “taunt at X stacks” is bland

You may remember that I alluded to this directly in my Blizzcon Recap post. I’m still not going to tell you what we talked about, but it did cover other ways to make encounters engaging for tanks when they aren’t getting smacked in the face. Trust me when I say that Blizzard understands this is a problem and wants to improve it.

with the ease of spec switching gear in WoD are we likely to see fights intended to be 3 or 4 tanked for mythic?
Not 4. 3 sometimes, when it adds something to the fight, kind of like 25H has always worked (e.g. Stone Guard, Dark Animus).

This isn’t really too far off from what Watcher and I talked about at Blizzcon. Right now there are a couple of encounters that benefit from having a 3rd tank around….Dark Shamans being the most obvious. With a 20m Mythic raid size you’re going to have at least one extra tank class on your raid team – our current plan is to have both a 3rd and 4th string tank that mains melee DPS – so it stands to reason they might be expected to jump in and tank once in a while. Obviously a similar caveat to the above tweet applies, you can’t do that on every encounter.

Guardian Roundtable 4

In case you missed it, we recorded the 4th edition of the Guardian Roundtable this past weekend. Go take a listen and let me know what you think. Have any ideas that you think might be cool? Send them my way!


  • skruff says:

    Was there any discussion about one tank fights? We see them every now and then, although less this tier than in the past. In WoD, I would expect that the proposed gear and stat changes would make it a lot easier to swap from tank to dps (no expertise capping, no dodge/parry stats, etc). That said, I really prefer the traditional two tank fights, especially if they are making a concerted effort to make things more engaging for the off-tank and develop more interesting “tank swap” mechanics.

    How would the occasional 3 tank requirement work for guilds that remain 10man? Even with normal mode going to a flex system in WoD, some guilds still might run 10-12 people. Then again, the proposed gear/stat changes might make this a lot easier, too.

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      I imagine that any encounter that works best with 3 tanks would be a mythic-only mechanic.

      No mention of 1-tank fights, although any encounters that were done that way this expansion weren’t designed as such.

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