Hello Guardians!

Not really much to report today. I know I said I’d do a post talking about soloing on the weekend, but let’s be honest – Baldur’s Gate Enhanced just devours free time.

FFF Resets Melee Swing timer

So last week I reported that FFF resets the melee swing timer. Once the PTR was up I went ahead and checked out the new builds to see if the bug was fixed. Turns out it is. So come 5.2 this is no longer a problem.

Score 1 for GC gettin’ shit done.

PvP Set Bonuses

Something that showed up late last week was new PvP set bonuses for Guardians. New, and really fucking good. Check this out:

Feral PvP gloves – increases the duration of Bear Hug by 1 sec. (I originally typed Bear Huge, which would also be an awesome ability.)
Feral PvP 2pc – Thick Hide now reduces the chance to be crit by 20%. This is in addition to the Savage Roar effect.
Feral PvP 4 pc – Now also causes successful interrupts with Skull Bash to reset the cooldown of Enrage.

Now these by themselves are pretty sweet. But both are missing a crucial contextual change:

Thick Hide – now also reduces crits from spells.

You may remember that I mentioned that while Guardians would be able to hold our own against melee classes pretty easily, we would get lit up by casters. Turns out I was right. It remains to be seen whether or not this is a flat 20% bonus (6 + 20 = 26) or a percentage increase (6 * 1.2 = 7.2). The latter is pretty worthless, so I suspect it’s the former. The bonuses and the change to Thick Hide give us some great additional survivability against spellcasters.

Actually these changes are so cool that I’m interested in trying Guardian PvP in 5.2. We’ll see what happens.

Cat Movement Speed

Now this isn’t strictly a Guardian problem, but it will affect us in PvP. So here it is:

Here is our logic on cat movement in PvP. Stacking Feline Swiftness, the PvP set bonus, boot enchants and things like Stampeding Roar and Dash all stacked to be ridiculously fast. We could go back to having all of these things not stacking, but we thought that felt arbitrary and confusing. We didn’t want to nerf the talent, so we thought the PvP set bonus made the most sense to hit. Long term, we could consider the movement bonuses stacking additively instead of multiplicatively, but that would do some odd things to snares without further adjustments. We also feel like giving cats Infected Wounds helped a lot with their old problem of not being able to stay on targets.

Keep in mind that some of these changes are attempts to be proactive. We don’t necessarily believe that Feral and perhaps Shadow are overpowered in PvP today. However if we’re successful in getting mages and warriors down to a more balanced spot, we’re concerned Feral and Shadow may be the next two specs that feel broken. We are also mindful that if you knock off the top thing on any list that the next item on that list becomes the new top thing.

The big problem here is that nobody fucking takes Feline Swiftness in PvP. Like literally nobody. Wild charge is about 500 times better. So this change doesn’t make any sense. Now this is posted in the PTR thread, so it’s obviously open to change. But still.

At least he partially made up for it with a funny:

Feral / Guardian PvP Glove: Increases the damage of Maim and increases the duration of Bear Huge.

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