Hello Guardians!

I know we haven’t been doing that much in the way of blog posting in the past couple of months. I’d like to attribute this to a couple of things:

  • Guide Writing
  • World of Dailycraft
  • Many other awesome games to play
  • RL

However, now that most of that is out of the way, it’s time to settle down with some regular updates. I’ve talked this over with Wens, and we think we’ve come up with a schedule that will be pretty awesome for you as the readers.

  1. Mondays: Mondays are going to be your “News This Week” posts. I should usually have at least something to talk about, whether it’s news related or just fluff. This will usually be posted after my raid time, late at night (10pm+ PST).
  2. Wednesdays: With Reesi’s retirement from tanking (she main-switched to a Spriest), Wens will be taking up the 25m content. Every Wednesday he’ll be talking about something related to 25m raiding content for Guardians. I don’t know what his topics will be, but I’m confident he can think of something :)
  3. Fridays: Since I still raid 10m, I will be talking about 10m content on Fridays. On weeks that I record the Team Waffle Podcast this will probably go up later as opposed to earlier.
  4. Low Level Guardians: Reesi has kind of adopted low-level Guardian tanking as her pet-project, so I suspect we will see more from her in this regard as time goes on.
  5. Emergency Posts: This is mostly for patch notes, or something that is so drastic that you need to know about it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. These will happen ASAP when I determine it is necessary. Probably not that often though.

So since it is Monday, what is our news?

Windsong Enchant Hotfix

The Windsong weapon enchant (and Elemental Force, but who cares about that) has been hotfixed to, well, be better. The stat buff gained is still random, however the proc rate has been drastically changed. I’ve included a mathematical description from the post made by Daxxarri earlier today:

For example, if you have 22% Haste, it was 1.4sec since the last chance to proc, and you’ve got Windsong, then the chance to proc is 2(ppm) * 1.22(haste) * 1.4(time since last chance) / 60 (sec per min) = 5.693%.

Note the phrase “since the last chance to proc“. This means that the proc rate is dependant on the amount of time that has elapsed since eligible events have occured. No hard info yet whether or not this includes things like Frenzied Regeneration or a Nature’s Vigil heal – which could yield multiple proc events per second – or not. In any case this ends up being a net buff. Windsong is easily the best enchant now for RPS. Dancing steel is still better for overall TDR, but from my experience thus far – especially on Elegon – TDR doesn’t actually mean anything except against purely melee bosses.

This means that Windsong is likely to end up being your weapon enchant of choice for most of the expansion. I’ll be updating the guide to reflect this.

Heart of the Wild

So the thing that practically everyone had been saying would happen (including myself, Hamlet, Alaron, Tinderhoof, Lissanna etc.) will finally happen tomorrow. The gains you receive for switching to a DPS form while under Heart of the Wild will be cut substantially.

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, since it’s been public knowledge what their efficiency targets were for months now. After the round of changes late in the beta when HotW was significantly over-buffed it was only a matter of time until it got brought back down again.

As a Guardian, this should have little-to-no impact on whether or not you pick this talent. NV is better for survival and DPS anyway if timed correctly. Not only that, but the only fight with any significant downtime that I’ve done thus far is Gara’jal, and even that isn’t 45 seconds long. Full text of the nerf below:

The spell damage bonus that Heart of the Wild provides to Feral and Guardian Druids will soon be reduced from +500% to +320%.

The agility bonus that Heart of the Wild provides to Balance, Restoration, and Guardian Druids in Cat Form will soon be changed to +110%. It was previously +50% for Guardian Druids, and +200% for Balance and Restoration Druids.

DMF Ox Deck Buff

After being woefully useless for a couple of weeks, the DMF Ox (ie. tanking) deck is suddenly substantially more attractive. A bundle of Stamina was added to it, making it a very useful survival trinket on top of the on-use effect. While you will still replace it as a survival trinket with a VP or raid item, if you have the capability to pick it up now it would definitely help you in the short term.

Vengeance Hotfix

Vengeance was changed to now stack on avoided basic melee attacks. This means you no longer have to purposely not press Savage Defense in order to gain Vegeance. Full text below:

Vengeance should now ramp up more quickly. Avoidance will now grant Vengeance based on the average damage of the avoided NPC auto-attack, instead of just refreshing existing Vengeance. This does not apply to enemy special attacks.


  • Buraan says:

    Gara’jal has over a minute at the start of the fight where you can use HoTW effectively, and in its un nerfed form, there isn’t a single dps class in game that can out dps you in those 45 seconds with hero.

  • Tailswish says:

    Just want to clarify here on Windsong. Your guide still lists River’s Song as the weapon enchant of choice. Here you say that “Windsong is likely to end up being your weapon enchant of choice for most of the expansion”. Does this mean it’s more desirable than River’s Song? Or does that depend on whether it’s a fight you gear rage generation or pure mitigation?

    (And yes, I’m aware it’s a moot point right now, as many servers don’t have any enchanters with River’s Song, but that situation shouldn’t last more than a week or so more.)

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      I always get all of them confused.

      There are a few updates I need to make to the guide, and I plan to do so this weekend. Right now it boils down to a choice between Windsong (which is better for RPS) or River’s Song which is better for TDR.

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