Update 6: Updated for Mists of Pandaria! Enjoy!

The question about the haste breakpoints for Restoration gets asked a lot. Occasionally someone would put up a list of breakpoints that has some errors in the values (probably due to rounding errors). Also there are questions about Dark Intent’s effect. So I thought I’d put up a list of the breakpoints here, and at the same time explain the theorycraft and maths behind it. You can visit the spreadsheet on Google Docs where you can view the formulas, or just view the summary here:

[iframe https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?hl=en&hl=en&key=0AuwcTdFIcJZydHZlY09wQTQ3UUxKZVJWa04yQ1ZsTHc&single=true&gid=1&range=A2%3AH34&output=html 514 700]

The first extra tick for any HoT or DoT is granted when Haste% is half of 1/base_ticks,  and subsequent extra ticks come at intervals of 1/base_ticks. For example, Rejuvenation has 4 base ticks, therefore extra ticks will come at 12.5%, 37.5% and 62.5%. Lifebloom has 10 base ticks, therefore extra ticks will come at 5%, 15%, 25%, etc.

Haste bonuses from 5% Raid Haste Buff (e.g. Mind Quickening) and 3% from Dark Intent stack multiplicatively. In the case of Rejuvenation, 12.5% haste is required for the first tick, but with 5% Haste Buff, 7.14% haste is required instead of the expected 7.5%, as 1.0714 x 1.05 = 1.125, and with Dark Intent you only need 4.02% Haste, as 1.0402 x 1.03 x 1.05 = 1.125.

So what are the haste breakpoints to target? In my opinion, you can generally expect to have the Raid Haste buff in a Raid environment, in which case 916 Haste Rating is the most important breakpoint to target. This gives you a whooping 25% increase in the total healing done by each Rejuvenation cast.

The value of 12th tick of Lifebloom (obtained at 1221 Haste Rating) depends on your healing style. If you are continually refreshing Lifebloom before it drops, then you won’t see the value of the extra ticks. In this scenario, Lifebloom actually benefits perfectly from Haste value in between the extra ticks. The other scenario is where you are letting Lifebloom bloom, which is not a popular playstyle, in which case you get the full effects of the extra tick. This breakpoint gives 9.1% more healing, so it’s not really something that impressive.

The 4th Regrowth tick (obtained at 1422 Haste Rating) is not very valuable at all, since you should generally be limiting your Regrowth casts as much as possible. While it is true that the 4th tick of Regrowth gives a 33.3% (repeating of course) increase to the number of ticks, over half of Regrowth’s healing comes from the direct heal.

At 2005 Haste Rating comes the 9th tick of Wild Growth, and with the huge buff to Wild Growth in 4.0.6, you should be looking to use Wild Growth as much as you can assuming the raid needs it. This makes the 2005 Haste Rating extremely good (unless you are always being assigned to pure MT healing). You should generally try to reach this breakpoint if it is possible to reach there without sacrificing significant amount of Intellect.

UPDATE 1: It has been determined using my Resto Druid Spreadsheet (using Mixed MT + Raid healing model) that it is definitely worth going for the 2005 Haste Breakpoint (for 9th tick of Wild Growth), sacrificing 1089 Mastery Rating to increase Haste Rating from 916 to 2005.

UPDATE 2: Updated chart with my findings about the rounding behavior performed on the server side, which apparently is different from the rounding behavior on the client side (character sheet).

UPDATE 3: Efflorescence in 4.1 will have base 7 ticks (same as Wild Growth), so will follow the same the same Haste Rating requirements as Wild Growth

UPDATE 4: Fixed rounding behavior again, thanks to Erdluf. Also, by popular demand, I’ve included breakpoints for our feathered friends. Also included a column for Nature’s Graspce + Raid Buff (and removed the column for Dark Intent on its own).

Update 5: Added breakpoints for Tranquility. Same number of ticks as Rejuvenation, but due to Rounding method used and the different interval between ticks, the break-points are slightly different.



  • Terrazen says:

    Hey! Having browser problems or something – i see 39 comments @ top right – but google chrome and firefox don’t seem to display these items. In linux – so not testing IE…

    Anyway – *great* work with the nature’s grace buff – but you left out the *obvious* question -> NG+raid buff+DI!!!

    It would be nice to see if/when it’s justifiable to ask for Dark intent over a dps or even another druid… :)

    Keep up the good work – I hope I can see others’ comments again soon [I believe I replied to this before - but can't read to tell - lol] :)

  • Kyzen says:

    This is an awesome chart. Thank you so much.

  • Imsothorny says:

    I would like to compliment you on the work done getting this chart up and running. I have recently rerolled resto druid in a casual 10 man guild, and the information provided in this chart is nothing short of amazing.

    Thank you.

  • Grinal says:

    Could you give some pointers on gearing for 2005 haste? I am in 2t11, and getting to 2005 haste seems like I would have to give up an insane amount of int to get there.

    I am already full reforged for haste, and have a few haste gems, and thats only getting me to ~1400


    • Tangedyn says:

      Unfortunately, I’m not the best person to ask this. I’m having trouble reaching 2005 myself with my healing gear. From what I understand, you will need to deliberately choose only gear with Haste on it for every slot, even if it’s of a lower iLevel.

      Oh, and the Alchemist Stone helps a lot too.

    • Steven says:

      u want to stay at the soft cap haste 916… intill you get the gear for the next soft hit cap… if u dont have 4/5 t12 no reason to even try for 2005

  • Lecow says:

    I had a rough time as well jumping to the 2005 break point. I just recently got to it today struggling with the last few points. I do have the alchemist stone.(helps alot) I felt there was not enough items to really get me there without dropping tons of stats or downgrading.

    I have about 300mp/5 regen less than you but I have had almost no issues in mana since getting close to 2k mp5 in combat. I also use jar of remedies and on monday will swap that to the darkmoon.
    GL, I had a hard time getting there =x

    • Remedy says:

      The 2005 haste rating cap is pretty much only obtainable in full heroic raid gearing for the unbuffed of course. It is perfectly obtainable in a raid with dark intent from a warlock with only 1422 rating as stated on sheet provided. If you have a warlock nice enough, shoot for the 1573 cap under DI+Raid rating at bare minimum. When you reach that higher haste with heroic gear, start changing out for other stats unless you wanna be a pure haste nazi druid, which in coming t12 couldnt hurt with new gear. This will let you reach the next potential soft cap and more hots! :D

  • Terrazen says:

    Hey – I keep revisiting this site – tyvm for this info :)

    Just want to say I have [and plan to keep] my 2005ish haste rating – and it would be much more challenging without alchemy – but still doable…

    I am prioritizing as follows: Spirit to 2k [more the merrier] > Int > Haste to 2005 > Spirit > Mastery > Crit…

    If priorities are different – then these suggestions may not apply to you…

    Main hit I took to get that much haste is to spirit – was treading around 2300 before my re-enchant/speccing…

    It was mentioned that it takes a fair amount of downgrading…

    Captured lightning [relic] is likely going to be one of those compromises you make to get your “haste-on” [while keeping spirit as prime secondary stat]… it’s only a 346 – You’re losing 12 int – but keeping excellent haste and spirit…

    Solar wind cloak -> Drape of the twins are probably more viable than Heavenly Breeze with a reforge – or Haunt of Flies [keeping that spirit is main secondary stat after haste]…

    Incineratus > Chelley’s staff – both for haste and raw int – but cost some spirit – even with 346 offhands – the dagger/offhand combo wins in int and keeps haste high – going to 359 with offhand puts you down some haste – but it gets you more spirit/int/mastery…

    Valiona’s Medalion/Dorian’s Lost necklace > Wyrmbreakers Amulet/Lightning Flash Pendant… Most of us probably bought the rep neck – but if you’re prioritizing haste and spirit – it would be worth sidegrading to one of the first neck pieces in the list here… also Quicksilver Amulet [346 with haste/spirit] – but as mentioned – it’s a bit of a downgrade…

    It may be worth getting Gale of Shadows if it drops – for those without alchemy anyway – just for testing – i can’t really recommend losing 285/321 int just to make your breakpoint – but maybe testing will reveal that the extra ticks win out…

    Hopefully with 4.1 and ZG/ZA we’ll get more haste/spirit items…

    Anyway – sorry for the wall of text – I was going to discuss a different topic – I will make another post for that – LoL :)

  • Terrazen says:

    So for those who wish to see what haste % they would have with – as long as you know the % buff [ie 10%]… and it’s *multiplicative* – like Dark Intent/Nature’s Grace/Mind Quickness/Moonkin Aura/etc…

    Simply take your “unbuffed” character sheet haste “h” and divide by 12805 [it takes 128.05 haste to get 1% haste - no diminishing returns afaik]..

    You’ll get some decimal number… Add 1 in front…

    Now multiply by all buffs…

    Subtract that 1 again…

    Now multiply by 100 to get the haste as a percentage… And consult the chart above to see what ticks you’ll get with those buffs… :)

    Due to rounding – this may be *slightly* off – but try this formula with buffs above to test…

    So: 2005 haste on sheet – Moonkin Aura [5%] – Dark Intent [3%] – Nature’s Grace [15%]…

    2005/12805 = 0.156579461 [less rounding the better - but round as you wish]…

    Adding 1 = 1.156579461

    Multiply by all buffs 1.156579461 * 1.05 * 1.03 * 1.15 = 1.43846679

    Subtract that 1 = 0.43846679

    Multiply by 100 to get your percentage [43.85ish] and consult Haste % Required column in the spreadsheet above…

    I did not see this math pointed out anywhere – but it gives the numbers [or close to them] seen above – the first division H/12805 is to get rating to % haste -> and get % to decimal in one step…

    Hopefully this helps someone – and prevents too many extra columns being asked for… [not that *I* asked for an extra column *ahem* - lol] :)

  • Terrazen says:

    Hey Tangedyn – if you’re moderating – my second post today said “insert buff here”… but i used less than and greater than signs around it – and the post shows “what haste % they would have with -”…

    There should be “insert buff here” after with and before the “-”…

    If you can edit – that would be cool – otherwise this comment can explain the previous – lol :)

  • kongblomme1@hotmail.com says:

    so 2005 haste gives 9 ticks. just to be sure, is that with raid buffs? :)

  • Ghost says:

    You should add a column for just dark intent. While this doesn’t happen often in a raid setting, I find myself in that state all the time for pvp. Admittedly, I’ve downloaded your spreadsheet and edited so I have the numbers. But I can’t be the only one needing the info.

    • Tangedyn says:

      It’s available now, if you go to the spreadsheet. It doesn’t show up on the blog post itself since I have to limit the size of the iframe. Enjoy!

  • Aldaeron says:

    I got a question.. what does the RAID aquirement for the 2005haste mean.. that you need the 5% hastebuff from shadows or moonkins? what if u dont have a moonkin or shadowpriest in your group? Need some help with this, otherwise great guide.

  • Aldaeron says:

    Ok now i see its with the 5%buff..^^ got it :P bb

  • Akdov says:

    So I finally made my 2004 haste rating cut off – actually coming in at 2021 b/c of a regem – anyway, my +haste% says +15.78% – with 5% buff that brings me to 20.78% which is short of the 21.4% – so am I getting the 9th tick in WG or not?

    Thanks in advance.

  • fathersam says:

    It’s very easy to get to 2005 haste point. Here is my toon and how I did it. mostly through reforging and haste gear, while still gemming INT.

    AKDOV – that is a 5% multiplier to what you have. Not an addition of 5%. Look at the table again and see where 2005 shows up when raid buffed and see where you fall. Unbuffed you would need 2745 to meet the 9th tick haste point for WG/EFF.

  • Niiro says:

    Thanks for a great guide. Did you or anyone else (or can you) publish details on how extra wild growth tick amounts are calculated? Most of the data out there seems to be from 3.x and I couldn’t find anything which was both recent and clear.

    To clarify, WG ticks decay. I have found at least one thing which suggests that only the base value decays, and that the bonus from spellpower (* coefficient) is spread evenly 1/7 across each tick. I assume the 9th tick works the same way as the 8th, but how does the 8th work?

    Is the whole base decay thing wrong? If it’s right, does the base continue to decay, giving you something slightly less than 8/7 of the base? Or does it simply spread the base across 8 ticks giving you the same overall base healing with the decay adjusted appropriately? Is the spellpower bonus the same as the other 7 (getting you a total of 8/7 of your spellpower bonus)? Does it simply spread it across all 8 (giving you 8/8 of the bonus, which I imagine is not true or it would be pointless)?

    Hopefully my question makes sense, and thanks for the help.

    • Tangedyn says:

      Sorry, I’m not very sure about this myself :(

    • Kynes says:

      Since hotticks are constant (don’t have spread value as direct heals have) this should be quite easy to find out. just fly above the roofs of your home city, jump down and apply a wild growth. Note down the numbers, repeat with a Moonkin/Shadowpriest Collegue and a Warlock buffing you (the Lock must stay inactive), and compare the numbers. That should give you a good general idea. If i remember to try it out after the next raid, i’ll get back to you.

  • ulandon says:

    I am seeing ppl reforge spirit into mastery, is there a specific spirit, or mana regen, cap that i should be looking to hit?

    • Tangedyn says:

      There’s no specific cap except for the one that allows you to heal forever chain-casting Regrowths.

      You won’t be chain-casting Regrowths though, so generally, you’ll just watch how things go, if you end all your fights with too much mana, then it may be worth reforging some spirit over to mastery.

  • karen says:

    just wondering if the tab where NG and raid are if dark intent is included too. cause im basing the haste i need on the dark intent and raid(cause i always have both) but when i do cast regowth i want to know how much haste i will need to get the new break point.

    *im at 1592 haste so i get the 9th tick of wg and effo but 2 points away from the 10th woth ng up.

    so if its not in there could you please add it, it would help ALOT, thank you:D

  • pleinair93 says:

    hi, just wondering if you could add SoW to the google docs sheet, and the many combinations thereafter, as i have heard 2035 is a breakpoint for rejuv 7th tick perhaps

  • Nymerias says:

    A long time ago I found a chart that listed haste breakpoints if you had DI but no 5% raid buff. I couldn’t find it again until I read your update 4. Is there any way for that information to be put back up for poor trees like me in a terrible 10 man with no 5% raid haste buff but at least a lock.

  • Xemnosyst says:

    I’m having trouble understanding this: “If you are continually refreshing Lifebloom before it drops, then you won’t see the value of the extra ticks. In this scenario, Lifebloom actually benefits perfectly from Haste value in between the extra ticks.” 2 things about this:

    1) I simply don’t understand what you’re trying to say in the 2nd sentence.

    2) If I keep lifebloom rolling, I essentially change the base ticks from 10 to 9. So the benefit of the 1221 threshhold brings the target ticks from 10 to 11, which is a 10% increase – which makes it a slightly better threshhold than for people who let it bloom.

  • Grumm says:

    I think it should also be noted that 1594 is a significant break-point as well (1573 with DI and RAID buffs that this will give you an extra tick from WG all the time).. but if you aim for 1594 and you DON’T/CAN’T have DI then with NG you will have this extra tick 1/4 the time (1 secs every min) which translates to 2 WG every 7 WGs (60 secs/8 sec (CD)= 7.5 times of casting.. so really 2/7th of the time which is more than 1/4 slightly it’s lke 28.58% of the time) (which is pretty optimal if yo can’t reach 2005, and still provides great throughput assuming you can get the 2 WG off in the 15 secs of NG, which if you have power auras.. not too hard at all. And if you happen to get a warlock and you are the choice for DI you will hit the WG all the time tick with the 3% haste.

  • Wolffury says:

    Does the NG+ Raid column include Dark intent or is it just the 5% buff plus NG?


  • Oömchickèn says:

    its quite easy to reach high amounts of haste, im currently 2306haste – 18.01% un buffed


    this is a link to my armory

  • Tom says:

    Great list. Loving it. Could you Possibly add a new variable. Heroism? With raid, DI, and NG in whatever combinations there are. Wanna see if there are any easy to hit breakpoints I can capitalize on in there for either my resto or my Boomkin spec. THANKS~! :D

  • Nanooc says:

    I’d like to throw this monkey wrench in the machine because this topics been bugging me for some time. I’ve been looking at break points and trying reach a few of them practically with my gear (spattering of 353 to 378). The payoffs don’t seem to be worth the stats I’m sacrificing. Dropping int in gems to get one tick of wg doesn’t sound like blizz to me. So I propose this. Crit = extra ticks too now that heals crit for x2. If lifebloom has 10 ticks and 20% of them crit. That’s 2 extra “ticks” without needing to stack an pile of haste for it. If a hot has 7 base ticks then at ~14%/28% you get 1 & 2 extra ticks. I’d like to see the comparisons of haste to crit side by side with break points for extra “ticks” to find more reasonable values to reach for. Personally I’m not aiming for heroic end game gear as I’m a casual raider. In my personal experience in trying to push either haste or crit to the max to see how they play I found that I preferred haste for tank healing and crit when I’m on raid heals. Thoughts?

  • Tayra Douglas says:

    Hmm….how will these haste breakpoints stack up in 4.3? With the incoming nerf to WG (glyphed and non!), I’m seriously doubting the 2005 breakpoint now. Any thoughts?

    • Cereaza says:

      Oh yeah. The 20% nerf to WG plus the nerf to the Glyph will still make this hastpoint worth getting. Not to mention how much Easier it will be to get. In part, but not only, because the 15% heal buff (one extra tick) to WG also is shared by Effloresence, as they both have the same breakpoint. For 25man raiders this is absolutely essential. On any decent aoe dmg fight where the melee are together or your group is stacked up for any period of time. Effloresence and WG are gonna be in your top 3 heals overall. No question.

      Gearing for 2005 is rough. I’ve had to wear some lower int pieces to hit it in heroic firelands for a short time. few points.

      1) Rethink your BiS.
      Just because a piece is a staff or nice and shiney doesn’t make it your BiS. Plain and simple as a resto druid, look for pieces with haste on them. If you’ve already hit your haste cap comfortably then you can start looking at new heroic pieces like Phoenix-Down Threads.

      2) Gemming and chanting
      Because of how intellect works in this expansion for stat bonuses, unless going with the bonus gives more int, then it’s all red gems (outside of getting your minimum meta requirement of course). Consider going with the bonuses on items that require yellows or reward with haste. Better than doing it an unhealthy way. Also chant your gear with haste anywhere possible. Gloves, bracers, even if it’s not BiS enchant, breakpoints can make it worth while.

      3) Forge out your spirit
      Yes. Yes you should. You shouldn’t even have that much spirit to begin with, whats wrong with you? Top tier healers pushing progression on Ragnaros brought under 2000 spirit and so can you! Considering the overpowerness of innervate and addition mana regen options such as pots, hymn, and mana tide, there’s no reason you should be forging out of mastery and crit when you’ll get more haste from forging out of spirit. Do it. Go do it. Now!

      4) Dark Intent
      A Great way to cheat the 2005 breakpoint. 1573 is easy to hit with dark intent. Druids have so many hots rolling with WG that dark intent has a near 100% uptime, (good for both the lock and the druid) and unless it’s alysrazor, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get one. Most healers choose to hit 2005 because it’s more secure than hoping they have a lock or enough locks to provide them with dark intent, but for you, if all else fails, dark intent can save your face.

      5) Face facts
      You can’t hit it. Gear’s not good enough. You’ve tried wowreforge.com. YOu’ve tried reforgemaster.com. There’s no way for you to hit it. Aim for a lower haste breakpoint and don’ waste your haste hitting 1950 or 2004 if it’s impossible for you to hit that breakpoint. Haste is a druid’s weakest stat outside of those breakpoints so treat it that way. Stack your mastery and spirit and throw out your wg’s anyway. It may hurt, but you’ll be glad you did.

      Hope this is helpful to someone. Goodluck and enjoy being a panda! I know i sure as hell won’t… I WANNA BE A PANDA! MAKE PANDA’S DRUIDS! DX

  • Calvin132 says:

    Hi fellow druids, I am also somewhat confused in my own haste breakpoints. Currently I have 2119 haste rating, meaning 16.55% haste. My question is, the current suggested breakpoint at 2005 rating is below 16%, how does that bring us to the required 21.43% for that extra HoT tick during raids? (just the extra 5%) I actually tested myself getting to around to 2036 rating in the beginning, but that still did not give me an extra tick with raid buff, any help will be deeply appreciated.

  • Toetar says:

    Maybe I don’t understand this but i’m standing in my raid with DI and the 5% buff and I have 1589 haste and I’m only getting 8 ticks on wg. What am I doing wrong.

    • Sashnet says:

      You need to reach the haste breakpoints without any buffs on your. If you know you have the 5% haste buff and DI then you need to hit 1573 without any extra haste buffs on you. The 5% haste buff and the DI calcs are based on that you will get to the unbuffed level of haste with those buffs activated. (I think at least) So if you have 1573 haste, when you enter a raid with the 5% haste buff from Moonkins, Shadow Priests or Shamans, and get dark intent your haste should reach 2745.

      Anyway, main thing is: You should reach the haste break points cap without any extra haste buffs on you

  • stórmíó says:

    So have I got this right for me to hit the 2005 breakpoint with NG + raid buff I only require 73!! haste? is this right or am I missing something?

  • Vesspe says:

    Hey , is that option of bigger label ? I mean extend haste % to about 80% :) so i can see with my haste caps with trinkets, BL etc.

  • Isabella says:

    Seal of Seven Signs trinket from Dragonsoul is wicked for druids!

    If you have HEROIC verson – you need that + 2215 haste to get to the highest extra tick point. Which is AMAZING Puts me at 50% haste when it procs.

    If you have NORMAL verson – you need that + 2589 haste to hit the breakpoint. Seems a bit harder to get.

    • Tangedyn says:

      From my spreadsheet the 5493 breakpoint is worth ~345 IEP, uptime of 1/6 gives the proc value at ~57.5 IEP

      You sacrifice 210 mastery/spirit to get from 2205 to 2215 haste rating. Each mastery/spirit sacrificed is a loss of ~1/3 IEP, so that’s a total of ~70 IEP sacrificed

      So no, it’s not worth getting another 210 haste rating just for the procced breakpoint.

  • Connor says:

    What about a column of Natures Grace, Raid buff, and DI?

  • kupjub says:

    curious as to why you are showing tranquility breakpoints as there are none. it’s likely to be very misleading since regardless of haste amount it will ALWAYS be 4 ticks, haste simple increases channel speed to make those 4 ticks happen much faster.

    • Tangedyn says:

      Each tick of the tranquility channel puts a HOT that will tick 4 times. The tranquility channel always ticks 4 times, but the HOT benefits from haste.

  • Duc says:


    Please add NG + Raid + DI Column.


  • Duc says:


    my bad, just ignore my comment.


  • Fernando says:

    I can’t undestand that my haste of spell is about 2005 but the porcentage is about 15.8%.
    Shoudn’t I have 23.4% with that haste??? (the haste i’m talking about is that when we put the mouse over the porcentage)

  • Gabriel says:

    I have used this spreadsheet for quite some time, for my Boomkin. Thanks!! It helps a lot.

    Does this spreadsheet still reflect the breakpoints for MOP? just thought I’d throw it out there. Thanks.

  • Howlareya says:

    What about the HoT on Cenarion Ward, what’s the benchmarks on it?

  • Karsteck says:

    5.2 soul of the forest is a 1.7 haste multiplier, up from 1.5. The spreadsheets needs an update.

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      It’s not going to get updated anymore as Tangedyn has retired. I know that Bink has a full list of breakpoints over at totemspot.com

  • Serinus says:

    Based on this, would you say the viable PvP breakpoints would be 3043 and 4717?

    • Arielle Arielle says:

      Unfortunately Tangedyn has retired and won’t be able to answer questions like this. Sorry :(

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