Math and Theorycraft Pages for TIB


RPS Breakpoints

This spreadsheet details hte RPS (Rage-Per-Second) breakpoints for Guardians based on tank swap duration, and amount of Rage banked during the swap.

Bear DPS/TPS Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to show the amount of damage each Guardian ability does at varying levels of Attack Power. Enter your own Weapon DPS to get accurate values for Maul and Mangle.


The BearCAD spreadsheet written by Fasc. Advanced spreadsheet to help you find gear upgrades, and determine what kind of gear is best for you.


Rawr is written by a team of theorycrafters at Elitist Jerks. In particular Hinalover writes the Guardian module.

Calculating Procs

This document contains a series of proofs written by Theck and Hamlet to describe how to model different kinds of procs.