September 22, 2012

Hey Guardians!

For those who haven’t noticed the green text next to my name on the forums, I am now one of the writers for TiB! I will primarily be contributing my opinions and observations regarding guardian’s performance in heroic raiding, and probably just my thoughts on guardians in general. I dunno, I guess we will find out later.

A little about me. I have only ever played a bear tank, and hopefully always will. I have played since BC, but only started seriously raiding for parts of WotLK and Cataclysm, and now I am pushing full strength ahead into T14 with my guild Post-Mortem (H – Kilrogg). Hopefully I can pass on my experiences to all of you and help you kill more dragons.

In real life, I am a college student in Boston, which is pretty freaking awesome.

So yeah, I think I hit all the bases. If you want to get in contact with me or ask my anything (seriously, I love answering questions, ask away!) you can reach me my PMing me here at TiB, ingame (battletag is Wenselaas#1611), or at my twitter (@AlbrechtClayton).


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