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Since we’re now 6/7 Heroic I figured it would be a good time to type up some quick notes on Highmaul. This isn’t going to replace the video encounter guides, rather it’s a lot easier to type up some notes than recording and rendering 7 videos. Don’t worry, they’ll be up soon.

A quick reminder to those of you that haven’t read these before. If I leave out a talent tier or glyph slot, that means you can make any choice you want for that slot without any appreciable effect. Also remember that both Normal and Heroic feature the same mechanics, Heroic just does more damage.

Kargath Bladefist

The Rundown:

  • Trash: Pretty meaningless. Kill the ogres first, then the saberon. The summoned elementals have a cleave, so try and point them away from the rest of your raid.
  • Talents: CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar.

Encounter Notes:

  • You’ll take 2 Impales before getting thrown up in the stands. Use Barkskin for the first and Survival Instincts for the second.
  • You may have to move the boss so that melee aren’t standing in fire or poison.
  • When it’s your turn to get thrown up in the stands (after 2 stacks) make sure you’re close to the boss after Chain Hurl.
  • When you’re in the stands just run around and grab as many mobs as you can.


The Butcher

The Rundown:

  • Trash: Only a couple of pulls between Kargath and the next boss. None of it is particularly interesting, just makes sure the pigs don’t knock you into the boss.
  • Talents: WC, CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar.

Encounter Notes:

  • Remember that you need to keep tanking even when you don’t have aggro.
  • You’ll always want to be standing on top of your co-tank.
  • You’ll swap every 2-3 stacks of Tenderizer. This will usually be after Cleaver wears off, but you don’t want that to stack very high either so be careful.
  • Charge back to the boss after he knocks you away just prior to Bounding Cleave.
  • He enrages at 30%, so be prepared.



The Rundown:

  • Trash: If memory serves, there are two trash packs on the way to Brackenspore. The first I completely forget which must mean it’s inconsequential. The second pack has a couple of dudes that will run around and flamethrower things. Dodge the fire as it hurts pretty bad.
  • Talents: FS, CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar, Maul.

Encounter Notes:

  • Movement on this boss is very important. Be ready to move him if your raid needs to relocate to a new mushroom.
  • At the same time, remember not to point him towards the raid during Necrotic Breath because bad things will happen.
  • Speaking of breath, try and have a cooldown of some description up for each one. He melees quite hard on Heroic, and can melee during breath. Using a Tooth and Claw proc here is a good idea.
  • There will be an add that will have to be picked up and tanked. Depending on your strat you may or may not have to worry about interrupting Decay. Keep the Flesh Eater on top of the boss for cleave.
  • Swap every time Rot falls off. This will be around 4 stacks or so.



The Rundown:

  • Trash: There are three pulls on the way to Tectus. The first is a shitton of ogres and fungal monsters. You can CC the ogres to make it easier. The second pull is another group of ogres. Again, CC is your friend. The last pull is 3 rock monsters. Split them up, stay out of the orange ground circles, and get in the white one.
  • Talents: FS, CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar, Maul.

Encounter Notes:

  • One tank will have the boss in P1, the other will grab adds.
  • Move the boss a little bit after Crystalline Barrage goes out, so your melee don’t hate you for life.
  • We just kind of kited him in a big circle, only moving when Barrage went out.
  • Once he splits, stack the two shards on top of each other. Again only move for Barrage.
  • Cleave DPS should keep the incoming damage trivial. However high stacks of Accretion will hurt like hell. Make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • When the first shard dies, divvy up the motes as evenly as you can. You’ll have to move a lot because there will be a lot more boss abilities going out.


Twin Ogron

The Rundown:

  • Trash: The trash is incredibly trivial. Just don’t pull it all at once and you’ll fine.
  • Talents: FS/DB, CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar, Maul.

Encounter Notes:

  • You will be tanking either Pol or Phemos. If you have Phemos, Displacer Beast can be useful to reposition him for Whirlwind.
  • You will be moving a lot to avoid Blaze. I’ve yet to figure out what the optimal positioning is, but I have found that standing between one of the weapons and the wall works well.
  • Spread out for Pulverize and make sure you’re not getting hit by rocks.
  • Incoming damage will increase when they are separated to handle Whirlwind. Be prepared.
  • Try to keep DoTs up on both targets for maximum effectiveness.



The Rundown:

  • Trash:This trash got nerfed a lot very recently. Now you just CC a lot of it and kill the rest. Interrupt what you can.
  • Talents: FS, CW, SotF, UV, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar.

Encounter Notes:

  • Swap every time Arcane goes out. When you get it, turn around and run the fuck away. Speed boosts will just make it worse, as long as you keep moving forward you’ll be fine.
  • Make damn sure you’re not in the middle when Charging occurs. If you get Caustic Energy as a tank, you will probably wipe.
  • Once intermission ends, drag all living Volatile Anomalies into one of the void zones and call for a stun. Drop a UV on them after you walk out, and your ranged DPS should be able to handle the rest.
  • Move the boss away from Frost if it spawns near you.


Imperator Mar’gok

The Rundown:

  • Trash:There’s a few trash packs before the last boss, but it basically just boils down to “don’t stand in stuff”.
  • Talents: FS/DB, CW, SotF, DoC, Pulverize.
  • Glyphs: Stampeding Roar, Maul.

Encounter Notes:

  • One tank should be tasked with handling all of the Marks of Chaos. If that’s you, you will probably want Displacer Beast as you can use it while the boss is casting.
  • Swap when there’s around 20 seconds or so before the next Mark cast. Remember that damage intake will increase as long as the boss is meleeing you.
  • The tank not doing Marks will have to pick up the Aberration spawns. You can’t safely taunt them, so make sure the tank doing Marks doesn’t pull the Aberration off of you or your healers will cry murder.
  • I like to use Skull Bash to get through Force Nova quickly. this reduces the damage you take, and prevents the boss from moving too much.
  • Spam Thrash on the little adds during the first intermission. Try not to kill many at once.
  • We kept the boss stationary and had the Mark tank move out. This may or may not be what your strat is. Something to be aware of.
  • The Reaver didn’t survive long enough to swap during the 2nd intermission, at least for us. Otherwise the swap point is when he punts his current tank away.
  • Generally you won’t want to tank the Reaver on top of a Mage since he hits pretty hard. May be better after his damage was nerfed though.
  • Don’t worry about the damage from the little Aberrations in the last phase. As long as they die before the next one spawns, you’ll be fine.

Got any tips of your own? Share them below!

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  • Lyfa says:

    Kargath – You can easily swap on one stack, and that’s what we were doing. This had only myself going up in the stands.

    Butcher – The Cleaver is pretty much ignorable. At 645 I was able to solo tank him on heroic for a good two minutes (post-Heavy Handed nerf)

    Brackenspore – If your raid doesn’t like to interrupt then Glyph of Fae Silence can be quite useful.

    Tectus – We kept the Shards split and nuked down one and then kept the four Motes away from the remaining shard; not really sure why as I wasn’t paying much attention during the first few bosses.

    Twins – We kept them both near the opposite side from the doors, with range right next to a pillar. I moved Phemos to the middle for Whirlwind. (Very similar to Method’s strat, just other side)

    Mar’gok – The Reaver’s punt will trigger any mines that you fly over. 20 stacks of Mar’gok’s buff hurt, but it wasn’t the end of the world and can be relatively easily survivable.

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