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Blog blurb:


The other Inc Bear admin and I have been discussing a minor change to the site which will in no way affect your visits or experience here.  This is just a short post to bring you all into the loop.    The Inconspicuous Bear is growing daily (Thank you!), so to help those of us paying for it, we’ve decided to add a Donation link to help upkeep the site.

None of you are under any obligation, at all, to throw money at us.  The option is there if you want to help.  If you do? Great.  If you don’t?  I’m not going to come to your house and bludgeon you.

Every single cent that gets donated goes directly into an account provided by our webhost.  We cannot touch it.  We cannot take it out and use it for personal things.  Everything goes towards upkeeping TIB.  If there ever comes a point where TIB is generating so much traffic that it bogs down the loading speeds, even through our heavy caching, that money can be used to upgrade to a VPS (which is what Restokin has to keep her blog running during patch days).  And, if there ever comes a point where I or Maelfus (the guy who’s actually paying for it now) are no longer the ones maintaining this site, the next person doesn’t have to worry about it and The Inconspicuous Bear can keep going strong.

Again, there is no obligation to do this.


Thank you to everyone that helps The Inc Bear grow.  It’s gotten bigger and more successful than I ever thought going into this and it makes me proud to be the one that started it all.