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UPDATE 1:(Frequently asked question) Why is the value of Blessing of the Grove so low? A: Just about all the talents and glyphs that increase our healing have been found to stack additively instead of multiplicatively (with the strange exception of Master Shapeshifter). With 25% from Gift of Nature, 15% from Improved Rejuvenation and 10% from Glyph of Rejuvenation (and for some people, 4% from Genesis), and Harmony (our Mastery). Assuming 15% Harmony, 2/2 Blessing of the Grove only really increases your healing by 0.04/1.65 = ~2.42%, instead of the expected 4%.

If you’ve been following the updates on PTR, you would know that Efflorescence no longer has Living Seed as a prerequisite. Living Seed has always been a lackluster talent, but most Restoration Druids tolerate it because we want to have Efflorescence. Now that Living Seed is no longer a prerequisite, it should be an obvious choice to drop that talent, right?

In my opinion, it is not so simple. Two candidate talents to move points into are Blessing of the Grove or Nature’s Bounty (although you are likely not to have enough pre-requisites to move all the points to Nature’s Bounty). Are either of them really better than Living Seed? Fortunately, it’s easy to determine that with some napkin maths, which I have done for you in the form below.

All you need to do is to go through one raid session worth of Recount/Skada/WorldofLogs logs, and obtain the percentage of total healing done by three spells: Rejuvenation, Living Seed, Regrowth. Enter in the amount of Genesis, Living Seed (NOTE: you need at least one talent point in Living Seed for this to work) and Nature’s Bounty talent points you have, and your raid buffed spell crit%. Click on calculate, and the form will calculate for you how much % of your total healing each of the 3 candidate talents is worth – per talent point.

function Calculate()
var rejuv = parseFloat(jQuery(“#rejuv”).val());
var regrowth = parseFloat(jQuery(“#regrowth”).val());
var seed = parseFloat(jQuery(“#seed”).val());
var crit = parseFloat(jQuery(“#crit”).val());
var genesis = parseFloat(jQuery(“#genesis”).val());
var ls = parseFloat(jQuery(“#ls”).val());
var nb = parseFloat(jQuery(“#nb”).val());
var mastery = (parseFloat(jQuery(“#mastery”).val()) / 179.27980952 + 8) * 0.0125;

var botg = “Blessing of the Grove: ” + String(0.02 * rejuv / (1.50 + genesis * 0.02 + mastery));
var lseed = “Living Seed: ” + String(seed / ls);
var bounty = “Natures Bounty: ” + String(regrowth * 20 / (100 + crit + 20 * nb));


  • Rejuv % of total healing done
  • Regrowth % of total healing done
  • Living Seed % of total healing done
  • Genesis Talents
  • Living Seed Talents
  • Natures Bounty Talents
  • Spell Crit %
  • Mastery Rating
  • Blessing of the Grove:
  • Living Seed:
  • Natures Bounty: