• Bares mostly like the taste of fase!

Bear Bones

So my first real blogpost back on Death Kitty was about Death Knight tanking in 3.1.  Back then I tanked on a DK, and continued to do so until the great “nerf to the ground” partway through Ulduar. 

It’s interesting to see that my writing style has remained largely unchanged over the years.

Alright, so I admit.  I kinda lost track of this thing.  I blame all of the work that had to go into generating 2 different sets of gear for Bears.  Plus I just kinda wanted to vegetate on Skyrim, and PvP.

Anyways, we’re back with Day 8!  10 things people don’t know about me >.<

1) I live with a girl.  Totally platonic though.
2) I have a weakness for top 40 music.
3) I think Deadmau5 is the sickest nerd baller alive.
4) I’m a college dropout.  I do want to get my degree someday though.
5) I actually love my job, and would definitely love to make a career out of it.
6) I can cook.  Pretty well actually.
7) I avoided gym class like the plague, but loved winter sports. 
8) I took part in a french exchange program in high school.
9) I got to meet Ron McLean once.
10) My celebrity crush is Ellen Page.

So I missed a few days.  :(

What is my favourite item?  Flamescythe.

What does my desk look like?  Well I had to clean my desk to show you this, and I added a few extra pictures for funnies.

This is what my desk looks like.  Kinda boring and black


I have an end table dedicated to figurines.  Do you know them all?

On my roof.

At the foot of my bed.

The reason behind the blog’s name?  Something to do with some sort of critter somewhere in the game.  Reesi can tell you the full story.

What is my favourite memory in WoW?

I don’t know if I have an individual favourite, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Chain tanking each of Sulfuron’s adds because the other tanks kept dying one after another (baddies).
  • Tanking Onyxia with Salvation still on because the MT died.
  • Tanking Golemagg with a 2hander because our other tank was too terrible to hold threat.
  • Tanking two of Executus’ adds because one of our other tanks got himself killed.
  • Popularizing the use of Concussion Blow on Executus for my guild
  • Going all the way through BWL with a blue shield from UBRS.
  • Running a 50-59 bracket twink PvP group.
  • Completing Bear runs with no shield tank, no paladin, and no shaman.
  • Getting server 3rd on Ignis.
  • Running random 5mans with Reesi, Lissanna, and other Druids.
  • Blizzcon 2011 (that counts right?).
  • Team Waffle Podcast (that also counts).

Off topic:  I posted my Bear feedback essay on the MoP forums after working on it for most of the night.  I hope you enjoy the read:



My first day in WoW….

This is going to sound like a cop-out, but I honestly don’t remember it.

I do know that I played a warrior, ran around like a noob, and probably killed a bunch of random mobs for quests.  That’s all I really know.