• Bares mostly like the taste of fase!

30 Days

Here we are wrapping up this series. It’s been fun, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday.

Ooooooo more favourites!

  • Comfort Food: Freshly caught salmon from the river. In Bear form.
  • Vice: The only thing that she might consider a vice is enjoying combat too much.
  • Outfit: Easily her robes that she earned from time-trial (Challenge Mode) dungeons.
  • Hot Drink: Arielle doesn’t enjoy hot drinks.
  • Time of Year: Winter. She enjoys the cold, probably because she spends most of her time in an animal form.
  • Hohliday: Lunar Festival.


Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.

I’ll be honest here, I’m really terrible at songe. I’m going to have to pass on this question because I can’t think of anything relevant :|

If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be?

Action-Adventure. Easy.

How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne?

Arielle typically smells like either a freshwater stream or a coniferous forest. In genereal some kind of “nature” scent. She doesn’t “wear” anything per se, but since she spends most of her time in the forest it tends to permeate her skin.

And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

Dear Arielle:

Thank you for all of the friends you’ve allowed me to make over the years. Don’t worry, you’ll always be playing with your friends for as long as you live.

<3 Nolan

I didn’t mean to leave it until I had four, that’s just the way it worked out.

If your character could time travel, where would they go?

When she was born. While Arielle made peace long ago with the fact that she’s an orphan, she would still like to know who her parents were.

Is your character superstitious?

In the biggest possible way I can say this, No. Arielle is a creature of logic and rolls her eyes at superstition. If something hasn’t been proven to be true, she doesn’t behave as if it is.

What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

Not even Arielle knows the answer to this. She has no desire for children, and has no time for romantic nonsense. She spends far too much time fighting evil and learning from Ursoc to be concerned about such things.

Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

Her hands resemble those of most Night Elf warriors. Long and slender, but with a strength that belies their appearance.

I think I prefer doing these a couple days at a time. More fun that way.

Does your character have any irrational fears?

No. She has very rational fears of losing her friends, but nothing that would be defined as “irrational”.

What would your character’s CUTIE MARK be?

I legitimately had no idea what the heck this was before today. I guess probably a paw print.

Have a few days to catch up on!

What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy?

Arielle doesn’t really have a desk. The outdoors are her “workspace” per se. However her vault at the bank is not even remotely close to tidy. Things are strewn everywhere. She swears it’s organized in a way that makes sense to her, but if you watch her look for something you realize she’s just blowing smoke.

Is your character a good cook? What’s their favorite recipe, whether they’re good or not? (Microwave mac-and-cheese applies.)

Arielle doesn’t cook. She typically ingests food in one of her animal forms, so all of her meals are raw. If presented with cooked food she will eat it, but it’s not her favourite. She especially enjoys fishing in rivers (go figure).

What’s your character’s preferred means of travel?

Flying. As a bird.

Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Cousins, Uncles, Grandfathers, Aunts, et cetera. Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative?

Arielle has no immediately family members, at least not that she knows of. She is an orphan, and never knew who where parents were. However there are definitely a few people she considers siblings, or part of her family. I’ve mentioned them before, but she considers Lissanna, Sunnier, Reesi, and Thurne to all be part of her family.