Swipe damage doubled. Kthxbai.

Yep, that’s about it. Looks pretty short compared to Reesi’s Bear Survival Guide to Patch 4.1, but that’s all that Blizzard has given to cats this patch. Well, we don’t need hit anymore to Skull Bash successfully, which is also pretty nice. So with this buff, we will likely be more competitive when it comes to AE DPS, and we should start using Swipe with less targets available to swipe. I haven’t been able to theorycraft at how many targets it would be worth switching over from tab dotting, but my gut feeling is 3 is a good number to start swiping.

There’s been some concerns that this change seems to good to be true and it is due a nerf, but I don’t really see it that way. Many other classes also received AE buffs, so this is definitely part of a larger AE DPS balancing. Nerfing this change would likely require nerfing all the other classes too, so I’d have to assume the developers have tested the new numbers and are more or less happy with them.. for now.

The Feral State of DPS, pre-4.1, was not as bad as some would like us to believe. Yes, according to few WOL ranking aggregator sites out there we are at the bottom of the melee pile, but it’s reallly not that bad since the entire melee pile is all within 5% of each other, meaning the melee DPS as a whole is fairly well balanced. A 5% difference between the top and the bottom is actually pretty good considering Blizzard’s track record. Of course, the big issue is the huge difference between the ranged and melee pile, which is a far bigger problem Blizzard needs to look at. With the Swipe change, I’d expect Feral Cats to close the 5% gap slightly. I’m concerned though, that some ranged DPS are also receiving AE buffs, which is likely to widen the gap between the ranged and the melee pile.

With the 4.1 release also comes a new release of Mew, updated to Mew-20110425. Major changes since last release:

  • Simulation Progress Bar updates now throttled to reduce system resource overhead
  • (4.1) Berserk is now off the GCD
  • Leafkiller’s optimized Cat Strategy is now available in Samples/universal1.script (please read this before using it)
  • Simulations now generates a Report Output, which can be copy and pasted

We have created a Google Discussion Group as the official feedback and support forum for Mew. We will continue to keep an eye on a few other forums and on my blog, but not as frequently. Also when reporting results of your own Simulation runs, please copy and paste the entire Report Output (from the Report tab) in your post. This will allow us to analyze your results better.

My Cat DPS Guide on the main forum isn’t fully updated yet, will get to it ASAP.


  • Helistar says:

    You missed another fundamental change:

    - Prowl has a new icon.

    If you compare, the old one looked like a cat hiding in grass, the new one looks like a fluorescent cat hiding in grass. I’m sure that taking into account this new fuorescent effect in simulations could greatly affect cat dps! :)

  • Jacemora says:

    Agreed that Feral DPS is/was not that bad off. I posted about this back in Feb. http://jacemora.com/raiding-as-feral/rumors-of-our-demise-are-greatly-exagerated/ and took a lot of heat. I reprised the thought in another post http://jacemora.com/raiding-as-feral/how-to-fix-kitty-dps/ and recommended that the only change we really needed was to increase swipe damage. I went on to even say that maybe people complaining were either not doing it right or raiding with the wrong folks http://jacemora.com/raiding-as-feral/get-better-or-gtfo/. Bottom line, until I start running all the Heroic modes in 10 man I won’t know how truly bad off we are compared to our ranged brethren but I believe we are close to other melee all things considered (well, I guess you can say it is not fair that we are so far behind Ret Pallies since they also can Tank, Heal, and DPS)… but I am not complaining.

    • Meeble says:

      I would be inclined to agree with your posts- on some fights I find myself disappoitingly low on damage despite my gear and even when I play close to perfectly, but generally I hold my own.

      I will say though that ferals do particularly well on Chimaeron since we can pool our resource through Caustic Slime hits effectively negating the hit chance reduction (if anyone isn’t doing this, they are bad ^^)

      The Swipe buff has made add fights a whole hell of a lot less painful- heroic Maloriak was just embarrassing.

  • Rhus says:

    Hey Tangedyn – My regular tank (a Death Knight) and I have noticed a disturbing trend. His death strike has been nerf’ed when my AE is doubled. The results are frustrating. I pull aggro when I swipe. I’m not talking the occasional one or two mobs from a berserk-swipe, I’m talking massive aggro. I actually miss the old way. So what if I can pull 50-60k dps on a trash pack, if I’m dead.


    • Tangedyn says:

      Unfortunately our threat cap as melee is lower than a range DPS. There’s really nothing we can do about it except to watch Omen and hope your tank gets better or buffed.

  • Fojos says:

    The DPS was as bad as it seemed. The only reason many felt they were on par were because we were the first to get our 372 weapon (Halfuslol). We were both at the bottom of logs and far below everyone else at simulations (no, dual-wield unholy does not count). With us having as terrible scaling as we do we’re going to fall behind again in 4,2, even with these buffs, especially considering they don’t help scaling much at all (unless they make our BIS weapon drop from the easiest heroic boss again, in which case some will say “we’re fine”).

  • Kraatshniff says:

    Hey Tangedyn,
    I play bear PvE and cat for PvP and I’m thinking of going cat for PvE as well since my guild has enough tanks what are your thoughts on Blood in the water, should I be taking it? or is ferocious bite too low DPE now?
    seems like it’s going to be awesome in 4.2 so I think I’ll pick it up then for sure
    thank you

    • Tangedyn says:

      If you are doing a lot more DPSing than tanking, you definitely should pick up BITW. It has nothing to do with the DPE of FB, it’s a straight up increase in overall DPS to use BITW-FBs at < 25%

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