I started playing WoW back in Burning Crusade, but I didn’t really get into raiding seriously until early Cataclysm.

I am currently one of the tanks for the guild Post Mortem (Kilrogg), one of the best 12 hour 25 man guilds around.

As my guild and I push hard into MoP, I hope to be able to provide the bear community with as much heroic raid related information as possible.

In real life I am an audio/sound design student in Boston, so if you are ever in the area come to the Common and say hi (or whisper me on Kilrogg!)

Twitter: @AlbrechtClayton

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  • John McMenemy says:

    Hello Wens.

    Glad you will be giving your knowledge to this site. Bear tank has been my main and enjoy palying as my time allows. Couple of questions. Any use to macro’ing maul to any spells as in WOTLK…or we really going to need that rage for savage defense dodging?? Also, have not raided yet with new talents…what is the best way to use savage defense?? I seem to be hitting as I see my health taking a bit of a beating. Thanks a lot for your time.

    Shatterhorn (Arthas)

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