I’ve been a Guardian for most of my WoW career which began in 2010 near the end of WotLK. I haven’t always been an overly hardcore or successful raider but have worked my way up in the higher raiding echelon over the past couple years.

I’m not very smart at math or theorycrafting (that’s Arielle’s job!), but I like to think I have a good feel for the game (Guardians in particulua) and that’s helped me get to where I am today. I’m always willing to help impart anything I experience on other Guardians if I feel that it will help improve their enjoyment of the class and ability to play it. My hope is that the Guardian community continues to stay strong and strives for the betterment of our class in a reasonable and respectful way.

I am currently a main tank for a Mythic raiding guild on Hyjal called Antisocial Club. In the real world, I work in the automotive industry where I spend my time lifting entire cars with one hand and throwing them over great distances. It’s kind of a gift.

I’m very active (maybe even overactive) on Twitter and can almost always be reached there or via Inconspicuous Bear’s forums.

Twitter: @Khaelyna
Stream: www.twitch.tv/Khaelyna

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  • Ingela says:

    Just wanted to send a big bear hug of appreciation, love reading your stuff. So nice to see another ladybear smash things. Be strong and eat plenty of salmon :)

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