Contrary to some beliefs, I am actually a dude. I just like looking at girl toons (seriously, you should see my toons in nearly any RPG).

I got my start in the Guardian (Feral Bear) community close to the end of Wrath, when Swipe wasn’t doing hardly any damage. Even though Blizzard maintained that it was fine, they actually ended up buffing it in the end. With the launch of the new forum system in Cataclysm I quickly befriended Reesi and she asked me to join TiB shortly thereafter. I’ve been here ever since.

Nowadays I’m trying to gather feedback across the Guardian player base to help improve the spec for everyone. There is no such thing as a “wrong” opinion on how something plays, so I hope people continue express how they feel in a constructive manner. Blizzard tends to ignore trolls.

I also co-host TankCast with my bff and co-tank Sunnier, a podcast where we talk about different aspects of tanking in World of Warcraft.

In terms of actually playing the game I’m GM/RL for a mythic guild on Sargeras called Bear Retirement Home. In real life I’m a business analyst for a software company in the home health care industry. Which strangely enough is exactly like theorycrafting, except in real life.

In 5.4 Blizzard was kind enough to name an item after me: Arielle’s Ancient Legwraps ^.^

Twitter: @ArielleEJ
Stream: Deastin


  • Michael says:

    Hi Arielle,
    I was just trying to configure my UI close to yours and was wondering what addon you are using for your health bar and the enemys. Oh and the Combo bar you have above your health. It would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Michael

  • Dusty says:

    Good Morning,
    I am looking to get a little more information from you on some of the things on your toon that i see on the armory. Would you possibly be willing to message me on bnet? Trance#1824.


  • Chuck Meek says:

    I will be switching to my Guardian for WoD after tanking on my Pally for a few years, really looking forward to it. I will be following you closely here, a plethora of information at my hands.


  • randall pyfrom says:

    First off i love your videos and the presents you have the the guardian community…but i have to ask why dont you customize your ui?

  • Morpheuris says:

    Heya Arielle,
    I’m a huge fan from belgium ;) and i’m wondering gearwise how it actually goes as druid guardian?
    *what are best second stat priority?
    *bis gear? what you prefer? 4 set or 2 set en crafted items or? witch set items do you take?
    (Note: my guild is prolly only on heroic mode.)

    Would be nice to have response,
    friendly regards morph

  • Teidden says:

    Arielle could you do update on your Ui and addons for 6.2. Thanks Was wondering if you still with drood focus or using weak auras thanks

  • Salts says:


    Big fan of your website, as I’m far from a theorycrafter. I make youtube guides for new players on how to tank (for all classes, but my main’s a Druid), and I always check out your articles first for some good insight. Appreciate all the info you guys provide for us newbs!


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