About Reesi


I am one of the main tanks for <Drow> on Doomhammer(US – Alliance), sponsored by Organization Drow.  Towards the end of BC, I started seriously focusing on tanking and tanked most of the way through Wrath.  Nearing the end of ICC, I joined Drow after feeling the itch to come back to progression raiding.  It’s been love ever since.  Despite the quiet nature of the guild, it’s a great place to be.

I’ve come to love tanking, and I just cannot get away from it for very long.  I have Death Knight, Paladin, and Warrior tanks that I moonlight on from time to time, but to say that Druid is my favorite is an understatement.  I’ve leveled 2 other druids since Reesi, with another planned out once Cataclysm releases so I can see all the new/old content.

I absolutely enjoy planning out boss strategies and figuring out tank strengths and weaknesses for each encounter.  Needless to say, if I wasn’t tanking, I probably wouldn’t be playing.

In real life, I work most of the time, occasionally venturing out to nerd it up with some local druids.  I also work with internet access.  It’s very bad for my work ethic.  ;)  Occasionally I will drop off the map to go see my boyfriend and spend some much-needed time with him.


You can contact me through The Inc Bear forums.



About Arielle


Contrary to some beliefs, I am actually a dude. I just like looking at girl toons (seriously, you should see my toons in nearly any RPG).

I only started seriously getting involved in theorycrafting recently, near the end of WotLK. Ever since I’ve been lending my voice to the Feral-Bear (and sometimes kitty) community, trying to improve what Bears do and how they do it.

I’ve also created the Team Waffle Podcast, a podcast for Druids by Druids.

Sometimes Blizzard does insanely stupid things that make me question why I continue to play WoW, but in the end I come around.

In real life I am a Business Analyst for a software company. Which probably explains why I like theorycrafting so much.



About Tangedyn


I started playing World of Warcraft about a month after the original release. I did not choose to play a druid – my friends ‘encouraged’ me to play a druid because there were hardly any druids around at that time and someone needed to pick up all the so-called druid loots.

I was heavily involved with Theory-crafting back in Vanilla – most of my materials are still archived somewhere. I maintained the stickied Cat DPS FAQ in the US Official Forums. In Burning Crusades, I was leading a guild and cut down on my theory-crafting activities, handing most of it off to Toskk. I retired from World of Warcraft towards the end of Burning Crusades and made a return towards the end of Wrath of the Lich King.

With the release of Cataclysm, I’m back at what I love doing, theory-crafting Cataclysm mechanics again, for all specs of druids (except Boomkins cause they look funny).