4.3 Cat Survival Guide

November 15, 2011

Update: Removed Kiroptyric Sigil (E410), recognizes that Glyph of Bloodletting is useless, corrected Starcatcher Compass iLevels, added Vial of Shadows

A new expansion is almost upon us, so we can have a look at the changes that affect us (not much) and what we need to do to adapt to the changes (not much).

  1. The 10% Attack Power raid buff will be increased to 20%. This is supposed to close the gap between melee and ranged DPS that is very apparent for several bosses with movement. A nice little boost. Not going to change much for what we do except Agility increases its lead over the secondary stats.
  2. 2x Tier 13 bonus allows Blood in the Water to be used at under 60% instead of 25%, which is a substantial DPS boost. This will cause a slight shift in stat value from mastery rating in favour of critical strike rating and haste rating.
  3. 4x Tier 13 bonus allows Stampede to be activated whenever Tiger’s Fury is used. Note that with this bonus, there is now a slight change in our priority – You must now spend your Stampede buff (if it is up) BEFORE activating Tiger’s Fury.
  4. Both Tier bonuses combined will increase the value of Glyph of Tiger’s Fury to become better than Glyph of Bloodletting, but ONLY if you are not using Ancient Petrified Seed or the newer Kiroptyric Sigil trinket. This is because a huge part of the trinkets value come from being able to synchronize the trinket’s cooldown with Tiger’s Fury’s cooldown.
  5. Glyph of Shred has become Glyph of Bloodletting, and now works for both Mangle and Shred. The intention of this change is to reduce the penalty whenever we are forced to Mangle instead of Shred. Unfortunately, even with this change, Glyph of Bloodletting is still inferior to Glyph of Berserk, Glyph of Mangle and Glyph of Rip for mangle-spam encounters (Hi Ultraxion!), so this change really does nothing for us. This has been tested with 4T12, 2T12+2T13 and 4T13.

Rough trinket rankings, based on known data. May change before patch is released (especially since we think Vial of Shadows is overpowered and will be nerfed)

  1. Vial of Shadows (E410), Wrath of Unchaining (E416)
  2. Vial of Shadows (E397)
  3. Wrath of Unchaining (E403)
  4. Vial of Shadows (E384)
  5. Wrath of Unchaining (E390), Starcatcher Compass (E410)
  6. Starcatcher Compass (E397)
  7. Kiroptyric Sigil, Matrix Restabilizer (E397)
  8. Matrix Restabilizer (E384), Starcatcher Compass (E384), Ancient Petrified Seed, The Hungerer (E391)

Special thanks to Yawning and Mihir for the help with the information above.


  • Efreet says:

    Wait, help me out here. I really feel like a confused kitten.

    We get a redesigned Glyph of Shread that helps us when we have to stand in front of the boss.
    But we should not use it when we have to stand in front of the boss.
    We should still use Glyph of Mangle instead.

    So it is a much needed change that does not really do anything to reduce the problem of our dps loss from standing in front of the boss. Wasn’t that what the change to the glyph was for?

    • Tangedyn says:

      Yeah, you are correct. I didn’t actually realize that implication and irony of the results until you mentioned it! Yes, that means the new Glyph of Bloodletting is actually useless for Mangle-spamming. I’ll update the information above, thanks!

  • Willowbear says:

    I thought we had already seen a shift in emphasis from mastery to haste with the nerf to bleeds a while back.

  • Sid says:

    Tangedyn, thank you for the great roundup post.

    My first question was already covered by Efreet – which prioritizes glyph of mangle over bloodletting for any front-forced fight.
    My second question is, will we see some iterations about hit/exp > haste > crit > mastery like you have said and how just how much specific stats will pull forward at the 397/406 levels?

    Thanks again for your time, I’ve read Inc Bear for quite a while and find the information very helpful.

    • Tangedyn says:

      From what I’ve seen so far, none of the secondary stats significantly pulls ahead or fall behind the other stats. In my opinion, it’s really not worth the effort trying to optimize secondary stats since the potential gain in DPS is really very small.

      Just remember swipe-spam fights heavily favors hit and expertise, while fights that allow you to rake/rip 2 or more targets concurrently favors mastery. Fights with downtime devalues haste.

  • Rawrclaws says:

    This may have changed, but i heard (not tested myself) that Ultraxion tho facing us can be hit by behind attacks. Shred and backstab etc. Again tho, i havent tested it. Just saw someone say it was so when someone else :(‘d a front only encounter

  • Ali says:

    Mihir says over on MMO-Champion’s thread that buying the sigil 397 is the best first investment, while I have 391 Hungerer and 384 Matrix Restabilizer. Going into this tier on mangle spam fights I’d use Rip, Mangle, and Berserk, but is it more beneficial to keep my current trinkets and use say, Tiger’s Fury, or switch to Sigil and Matrix and use Bloodletting or some such?

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