2012 – In Review?

December 31, 2012

I guess now is the time of year that bloggers do these “year in review” things. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing when looking at blog metrics. So I’ll just make stuff up.

2012 has been kind of an “ok” year….I guess. I don’t really know what to judge it against really. We’re not doing this for money so I can’t really say that I care much about what the metrics are like. It’s interesting sure, but that’s really all it is. It’s also hard to compare since we didn’t have analytics installed for all of 2011 – so I kinda feel bad comparing hal

Basic Stats for 2012

  • 603,311 Visits for blog and forums combined.
  • 1,179,270 Page Views for blog and forums combined.
  • 182,228 unique visitors to the blog.
  • 73,931 unique visitors to the forums.

I don’t know if that’s a lot or anything. I imagine that if we didn’t have to live with 9 months of Dragon Soul things would’ve been a lot more perky. Although I suppose that 9 months of Dragon Soul probably had the same effect on pretty much every blog.


Unsurprisingly the overwhelming majority of visitors came from the US for both the forums and the blog. However the city with the most visitors was London, England. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Stockholm round out the top 5. Too bad I can’t speak Swedish :|

While we have a significant bounce rate (number of exits from the entry page), we also have an absolute ton of loyal readers. 432,745 visits occured within 1 day of the visitor last being there. Now some of those are obviously going to go to me (a couple thousand or so probably if it counts admin actions), and some are going to go to bots. But that’s a really, really big number left over.

And now for some funny/wierd bits:

  • Country with the longest visit duration: Seychelles (blog), and Tanzania (forums).
  • Country with the largest number of pages/visit: Martinique (blog), and Nicaragua (forums).
  • Most commonly used browsers: Chrome (blog), Firefox (forums).
  • Most common ISP: Comcast (both) – I pity you.

2012 was also year of the mobile. About 8% of our total visits were on mobile devices with the iPhone being the most common – by a pretty huge margin.


For the blog MMO-Champion led the way with referrals, mostly to Tangedyn’s work on Resto-Haste breakpoints. Other referrers included EJ, Fluid Druid, and Restokin.

The top 3 viewed pages were all written by Tangedyn. The top page by nearly a 3-to-1 margin was his work on Haste Breakpoints for Resto Druids. Just goes to show the Resto poopulation is far, far greater than the Bear one ;). This is followed by his Bear spreadsheet, and his Bearcat guide to Dragon Soul respectively.

For the forums things were slightly different. MMOMelingPot was the highest referrer to the forums, followed by MMO-Champion, and Fluid Druid.

The top posts on the forums were Reesi’s Cataclysm Tanking Guide, and My Mists of Pandaria Tanking Guide.

Thanks to everyone for making 2012 an at least partially exciting year, and we’ll be seeing more of you in 2013!


  • Oof says:

    I want to thank you for all the work you guys have done. The wafflecast was amazing, and it was really awesome to see that there is a druid community beyond Elitist Jerks.

    I have to say though, I was… dismayed? …. at the post on fluiddruid.net about how they had this thing with a certain skill that gave ferals an advantage, and they publically said, “we didn’t want to share this too soon because it might have gotten nerfed. WE wanted to exploit it for ourselves. But it’s gotten to the point we feel it’s ok to make it public so… Vortex and shred and rip!”

    I have to say, I’m seriously still disappointed about that and it made me really sad to see that you, as a group of folks who work together, will either A) hold back a trick to help ferals be better or B) abuse an exploit until it’s about to be fixed, and then publish it.

    I know I can’t link Theincbear with Fluiddruid.net but it would be foolish for anyone to not draw the lines between those dots, and I have to say, ever since I saw that post about that exploit, My love has been waning :(

  • Elamari says:

    Three cities from down under. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI.



  • Tinderhoof says:

    Really disapointed that I have read this so late. As one of the admins at FluidDruid.net I have to set this straight. To Oof it is clear, you only read the front page written by Alaron. If you actually read the forums (which are public and do not require an account to read) you will see we had a discussion going about it for weeks. As soon as it was known the Ferals from FluidDruid tested, veried the issue and then posted about it in the blizzard bug forums. We warned all of our users that it was a bug that was going to be fixed soon and no one should try to rely on it.

    By the time the holidays rolled around and it still wasn’t fixed yet Alaron did the larger post telling the community about it. We wern’t trying to hide it. We expected it to be fixed sooner. As it wasn’t we shared it with a wider audience and then it was finally fixed. Exert from the thread back in early December. http://fluiddruid.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4455&start=25#p14928.
    Please don’t slander folks when you don’t have all the info.

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