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I was hoping to clear all of heroic MSV before doing another one of these. However there are quite a few people getting started on heroics, so I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know what to expect on the first 5 you will probably end up doing. I also want to start doing video guides, but those take a significant amount of work that I’m not sure I can consistently do. That being said, let’s get started.

In all of these I’m going to expect that you are already familiar with the regular version of the encounter. A common theme you’ll find when doing heroic encounters is that they are mostly the same except that fuckups are punished with extreme prejudice.

MSV – Stone Guards

The Rundown:

Encounter Notes:

  • As far as you’re concerned this encounter is exactly the same as normal with one exception: You cannot fuckup swaps. At all.
  • I can’t imagine doing heroic without taunt macros. It would simply take too long to select and taunt the correct dog.
  • If you take too long on the first swap you will cause an explosion to happen later in the encounter. This is almost a 100% guarantee. Explosions on heroic without a way to deal with them (Rallying Cry and Devotion Aura) are an instant wipe.
  • Something I’ve found helpful to myself (and you’ve probably noticed this if you watch my stream) is to say out loud what the possible overloads are, and what will happen in each situation before the overload occurs.
  • If you start tanking the 2 dogs use Berserk on the pull. If you start tanking 1 dog use Berserk right when you get two to establish aggro.
  • It is possible that you can get petrified as a Cobalt Mine is spawning and you won’t be able to make it out before it explodes. Save Survival Instincts for this potential situation.


MSV – Feng

The Rundown:

Encounter Notes:

  • The only major difference is that there are 4 phases now instead of 3 (changing every 25%) and you choose which phase he goes into next by pulling him to the different weapons around the room. The “typical” order is Staff -> Shield -> Fist -> Spear.
  • You may want to consider starting with Shield until you learn the new phase.
  • Otherwise this fight is mostly the same in terms of tanking. If you have the bubble you block AoE spells, if you have Shroud you use it on your co-tank.
  • Pop the bubble on top of the shield after it’s thrown to cancel out that wave of adds.
  • When you need to kill a wave of adds Typhoon first and then use Ursol’s Vortex. Otherwise you basically waste both of them.
  • Whichever tank is not currently tanking Feng should help with adds.
  • Fist is notoriously hard to get when using Shroud on your co-tank. Some guilds make a ranged eat it, others just ignore it completely.
  • Save Stampeding Roar to get out of an Epicenter. When running back in take a wide arc to avoid the fist from hitting as much of the raid as possible (assuming you have aggro).
  • Make sure your DPS cooldowns are up for the last phase as your goal is to kill him without getting a Draw Flame to go through.


MSV – Gara’jal

The Rundown:

Encounter Notes:

  • As far as you’re concerned this fight is identical.
  • If you are not starting to tank and need extra DPS take HotW and use it at the very start of the fight for extra DPS. Otherwise take NV.
  • Your primary goal is to make sure you have a Savage Defense up for every Shadowy Attack. Use extra Rage on T&C.
  • There will be 3 Severers instead of just one. One of them will be red – this indicates only you can see it. You must kill this one on your own, and get help from DPS for the rest.
  • Save cooldowns for when healers get behind because you didn’t dodge a couple Shadowy Attacks in a row, or there are large numbers of adds.


MSV – Elegon

The Rundown:

Encounter Notes:

  • As far as you’re concerned, this encounter hasn’t really changed either.
  • Protectors should leave the platform ideally right as they hit 25% as the pulse is deadly if left on the platform for too long.
  • As with normal there’s no reason for you to reset your stacks in P2.
  • Use Typhoon and Ursol’s Vortex to slow down the adds before heading back onto the platform. Unlike normal they pretty much have to be killed on the platform.
  • Usually you should be okay for stacks, but I like to use Barkskin if my healers are behind when a breath is coming.
  • Incarnation and NV must be up for P3. Plan accordingly.
  • Unlike normal you actually do have to reset your stacks in P3. I like to Tranq after coming back in.


HoF – Blade Lord Ta’yak

The Rundown:

Encounter Notes:

  • He gains a new ability and hits a lot harder than normal. Otherwise the same fight.
  • His whirlwind throws off timing for Overwhelming Assault.
  • The only Overwhelming Assault that is really dangerous is the 2nd one you take that happens right after an Unseen Strike. What I do for these is use SI for the Strike, and then MoU + Barkskin for the OA since the timing is a little funky with the OA.
  • Use Stampeding Roar if anyone gets caught in a whirlwind.
  • HotW is best used with Tranq at the very start of P2. Then cast Rejuv on the move to keep people up. Don’t forget to pot. Remember you can weapon switch in the tornado.
  • Remember to switch your weapon back when HotW is over.

I’ll have a new batch for you once we make more progress!


  • Trypo says:

    A couple of things worth noting:

    For Feng – Epicentre can be completely avoided by having the tank with Reversal gain Lightning Fists by having a ranged DPS soak it when Reversal is available (make sure it will be up for the first one after transition). This can be used during the cast of Epicentre to stun the boss and avoid it completely. If done properly you will not even need a single Nullification Barrier, let alone to use SR to run away from it.

    For Gara’jal – It is worth saving DPS cooldowns (Incarnation, Berserk, NV) for Severer of Souls. While not essential it gives you a lot more breathing room and allows yourself and your DPS more time to kill the other adds.

    For Elegon – in P2 if you stand right on the middle add on your assigned side and thrash as they spawn, you can hit all three as well as refreshing your DoT on the boss. Every bit helps :)

    For Blade Lord Ta’yak – There is no reason to take a second Overwhelming Assault. We find it easiest to have the other tank taunt during the main special abilities (Blade Tempest and Unseen Strike), which gives the debuff enough time to fall off. The strike will occur approximately five seconds after the boss re-engages on his new target so plan cooldowns accordingly.

  • Mowse says:

    Dogs – I don’t use taunt macros :3 and I always tank two dogs. My OT tanks the one dog and calls out when we need to switch and then I just click the nameplate and boom.
    Feng – We have our mage stand out for fists to soak it with cauterize so we can skip epicenter
    Elegon – I typically start running off when the add reaches 30%. By the time he runs after me, he’s already below the threshold, and this prevents tricky pulses if he casts an arc at the same time.
    Tayak – Barkskin is usually enough for the second OA, and at 50% we start switching each time our first strike falls off so we never even have to take a second. For the second phase, we have one group take the warlock portal back down at 12%, and leave only me and a healer while everyone uses the stream so that they can be down there for when he switches sides. Helps a lot.

  • Buraan says:

    For stone guard, I personally just have the boss target frames visible above where I have my altPowerBar (i.e. where you see the overload petrification) and their targets. Then just use the boss target frames to click and taunt. When I know an overload is about to come, you can even pre position your mouse over the frame of the guy that you might have to taunt (as there’s always only 1 guy).

    On Gara’jal, if you don’t have problems killing your add, i’d suggest spending all your rage on 60 rage FR to give yourself stacks of the dps buff before leaving. Also keep in mind you can taunt the boss for vengeance whenever you aren’t the current tank. Also, if you HoTW at the start with hero+pot, also use berserk and go cat, it seems to give more dps than wrath spam, especially if your agi weapon is much better than your spell weapon.

    On Feng, to get the fists, there are several options. Having ranged soak it (as mentioned), or you can have your current main tank take it whilst the offtank casts shroud on you, however this won’t work if you’re too close to the boss as he will miss you with the fists. The safest way seems to be, have the tank who is casting the shroud tank the boss, and then have the tank who will be soaking the fist stand behind that tank. If you face the boss at an angle(not straight into the wall) even if you miss the initial hit, the offtank can run around and get hit. Also, if you have a dk, aoe grip is far better than typhoon on the adds. Grip-> vortex, is excellent. There is also no reason why both tanks can’t help on the adds, and its probably a good think to move the boss on top of the adds so it take some dmg from the aoe also.

    For Blade lord, as mentioned above, there is really no reason to take more than 1 assault in a row, the debuff will always drop if you taunt every 1 instead of 2, and you run much lower risk of death. If you struggle with the running, have a lock portal from the middle to the end of the room for the first running, and then use the slipstream at 11-12% to run to the other side before the boss switches ends (leave 1 tank and 1 healer behind to finish the last percent with dots)

  • thesimplecat says:

    I opened the comment box to type that it’s really bad advice to tell people to take 2 stacks on Blade Lord but I see my colleagues all point that out.

    I also watched one of your twitch vods for a brief moment. You are doing blade lord stacking completely wrong.

    Stack near a pillar, put world marks down near the pillars, have nobody stand near the world mark before you get unseen strike. Stack on the world mark with your back to the pillar and you will get knocked 5 yards at most.

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