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In our first installment of 10m Fridays I wanted to talk about a few things that as a Guardian, you’ll want to pay attention to when tanking a 10m raid as opposed to a 25m raid. Some of these may seem fairly intuitive or obvious to many of you, but the goal here is to help people that are transitioning from 25m to 10m to perform well in the smaller raid size.

Combat Ressurection and You

Something you should know before you even start is that 10m raids only have 1 in-combat ressurection per attempt, as opposed to 3 for 25m. With the addition of new classes to the role of combat-ressurection (Warlock, Hunter, Death Knight) in MoP, and a Holy Paladin via Symbiosis it is now far less likely that a Guardian will be tasked with this role. However if you are the only person with a combat resurrection it’s not a complete loss. The talent Nature’s Swiftness allows you to instantly cast Rebirth, even in Bear form. It will still cost you a GCD, but you won’t have to wait until you stop tanking to bring a team member back to life.

Even if there are one or two other people with a combat-resurrection I’d still take Nature’s Swiftness unless there is a compelling reason not to. You never know who is going to derp out and die, requiring you to come charging to the rescue.


One of the first things you’ll realize when stepping into a raid instance with only 9 other people is just how much fucking room there is! The extra space makes it much easier to handle mechanics where spreading out the entire raid is a necessity (think Majordomo in Cat Form). As a tank it may also be tempting to try and make sure you use all of the extra space, and that’s fine. However you have to remember to leave lanes of movement open for yourself (and others) and not to isolate huge sections of the room.


One of the things that will become very obvious, very quickly, is the significantly increased responsibility each individual has in order to make the team succeed. One of those areas where this is incredibly apparent is with DPS. In a 25m raid group you will have anywhere between 14 and 18 (sometimes even more) dedicated damage dealers. A typical 10m raid only has 5 or 6 (7 in very odd scenarios). This means that whenever you slack off in your DPS, each dedicated damage dealer has to perform 3x what they would in a 25m in order to make up the difference. With normal raiding heading back to actually being difficult (with some fairly tight enrage timers), the onus is on you to make sure your DPS is up to snuff.

So what can you do to make sure you’re dealing as much damage as you can?

  1. Agility Potions! – there’s no real reason to not have a ton of these in your inventory. They’re super cheap, and provide an amazing DPS burst when coupled with a cooldown (or two). Remember to pre-pot!
  2. DPS Stats! – All of our secondary stats that increase our DPS provide a very hefty survival gain as well. Don’t be afraid to cap Hit and Expertise if you think the extra damage will help your raid.
  3. Cooldowns – Use them early and often. If you’re in a 7 minute fight you should get 3 uses out of Incarnation, Berserk, and/or Nature’s Vigil.
  4. Troll World of Logs! – Don’t be afraid to research what other high-ranking Guardians are doing. Two that I’d recommend are Ahanss and Buraan. They’ve been part of the Guardian community for a long time (US and EU respectively) and really know their stuff.


While DPS is certainly one major things that becomes more amplified in a 10m group, healing is another. There are fewer healers to go around, and usually more targets per healer to be responsible for. In that vein you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to survive, and keeping your healers from healing you when they do not have to.

For example on Elegon during P2, you can have your healers ignore you for the first ~30 seconds if you take Nature’s Vigil. The damage you deal will be way more than enough to not only keep you at 100%, but potentially 1-2 other people as well. The less mana your healers have to spend, the more they will have to keep you (and the group) alive later.

Also remember to communicate when you are using Frenzied Regeneration to recover from a big hit of damage. One FR will easily be enough to heal you from an Arcane Annihilation on Elegon. No need for your healers to spend mana doing that.

The Last Word

What about you? Do you have any tips new 10m Guardians should remember? Is there anything that’s helped you transition from 25m to 10m?


  • Elamari says:

    How much better are agility potions over armour potions? Do armour potions benefit from the guardian mastery?

    Would it depend on the fight to which potion you should use or should you always just use the agility ones?


    • Arielle says:

      Depends on the fight. For pretty much all of the normal mode stuff Agility pots will be better since DPS is the only problem, not the damage you’re taking.

      Once you get to heroics you’ll have to make that decision for yourself on a per-encounter basis.

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